• Clear Guidance
    Since the ANA, IAB and 4A's launched Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS), a great deal of progress has been made, specifically in moving digital measurement from a "served" to "viewable" impression standard. The Media Rating Council (MRC), is helming the shift from served to viewable ad impressions for online advertising transactions. On Nov. 14, the MRC issued its first Viewable Impression Advisory. The document and the efforts behind it are a monumental achievement in the history of media currency development and change.
  • Marketing Attribution: A CMO's Best Friend
    Today's CMO occupies a challenging and dynamic place in his or her organization's ecosystem. He is accountable to the CEO for producing results - whether these results are leads, sales, brand equity or a combination - that help achieve the company's business goals. He partners with the CRO (chief revenue officer) to implement programs that fuel the sales organization's pipeline and empower it to close business. He is accountable to the CFO for producing those results at an acceptable cost, and must justify future budget spending based on past and predicted performance. And he manages a team that's responsible for …
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