• Metrics That Help Catch Lightning in a Bottle
    Of all the marketing jargon that's penetrated our brains, I think the concept of the "breakthrough idea" may be one of the most dangerous. Would we all love to have one? Sure. When one comes along, can it revolutionize our business? Absolutely. So what's the problem? Shouldn't we all aspire to the same success?
  • The Story Of Us
    Once every year or so, some collective rallying cry arises from the digerati, to the effect of, "We don't get as much brand advertising as we should, everyone lives online, people spend more and more time with the Internet, where's my money?" And after much hand-wringing and angst, a general consensus emerges: "It's the measurement's fault." You will not be surprised to learn that I tend to disagree with that conclusion.
  • Research Can Spur The Next Wave Of Digital Media Spending
    For some time now, I've wondered when the digital media industry will see those oft-promised exponential revenue gains versus the incremental growth of the past few years. Seeking clues, I tend to overanalyze every bit of news, client feedback and analyst report that I can lay my hands on. In particular, I am looking for some form of innovation that reframes the digital opportunity and unlocks media budgets for unprecedented digital spending.
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