Mobile Marketing Daily Editions for March 2014
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, March 31, 2014
Chipotle's Smart Mobilization Of 'Farmed And Dangerous' Branded Series
Retail Too Slow To Fix Mobile Web Site Flaws
Steve Jobs Emailed a Smiley Face to Eric Schmidt
Shut Up! 28% Of Companies Still Un-Mobilized
Twitter Readies Ad Unit, Marketers Question Practical Usage
Facebook Buys UK Maker Of Solar-powered Drones
Instagram Now Bigger Than Twitter On Mobile -- And Why That Doesn't Matter
Smartphone Shoppers: What They Can Do vs. What They Do
Instagram Puts Small Businesses In The Picture
Toys "R" Us Adds Babies Feature to Mobile App
Learning Empathy
People's Bank of China Backs Off Mobile Payments Caps
For Stores, Pinterest Trumps Facebook And YouTube
Charge It To My Phone
CBS Outdoor Scores Big With IPO
Maryland Legislation, Consumer Sentiment Could Quash Mobile Tracking In-Store
VivaKi Bringing 'Native' To AOD Trading Desk
Goal! U.S. Soccer's New Digital Hub
Mobile Offers Seen Coming Through Dashboard
Mobile Devices Lead to More Female Online Shoppers
Taco Bell Testing Mobile Payments
Three-Stage Plan To Boost TV Campaigns Through Twitter Unveiled Today
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, March 28, 2014
Tablet Growth Leveling, But iPad Is Still The Defining Device
Instagram U.S. Users Up 35% In 2013, Pass Twitter On Phones
Mobile Ad Tech's Dirty Secret: Your Campaigns Run On Performance & Premium Without You Knowing
Twitter Readies Ad Unit, Marketers Question Practical Usage
Learning Empathy
Neuroplastic Fantastic Brand Lovers
Retail Too Slow To Fix Mobile Web Site Flaws
Microsoft's Nadella Announces Cloud Strategy, Office For iPad, Mobile
Retailers & Dealing with the Web of Mobile
Charge It To My Phone
UPS Caters To 'Shifted' Mobile Consumers
Top 20% Of Automakers Drive 81% Of Paid-Search Clicks
Aereo Defends Streaming Service To Supreme Court
Location Ad Firm xAD Snags ESPN Mobile Head Bayle
MasterCard Partners to Advance Mobile Commerce
Mobile Commerce Firm Bought by Services Company
Twitter Readies New Music Strategy
Toys "R" Us Adds Babies Feature to Mobile App
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 27, 2014
Amex Turns Instagram Over To The Minions
Instagram U.S. Users Up 35% In 2013, Pass Twitter On Phones
Mobile Payments: Moving Beyond Starbucks
King Digital Debuts IPO, Future Risks Foreseen
How The Second Screen Will Come Of Age (Part 2)
Location Ad Firm xAD Snags ESPN Mobile Head Bayle
Digitaria's Three Steps To Better Data Management
Oculus Backers Upset By Sale To Facebook
Carat Boosts '14 Ad Outlook: Cites Digital's Dominance, Says Western Europe Near Bottoming Out
Tablets Changing Content Consumption Habits
36% Watch News Videos Online, And Lots Of Us Actually Supply Them, Too, Says Pew
'NYT' Unveils Tiered Plan, Native Ad Product For Mobile
Mobile Ad Tech's Dirty Secret: Your Campaigns Run On Performance & Premium Without You Knowing
LinkedIn Rolls Out Tools To Measure Content Marketing Influence
Hubspot Tops Another Marketing Automation List
CPMs Highest Among TV Broadcast Nets, Online Video Limited
Deal Restricts Four Loko's Marketing To Youth
Neuromarketing: Problems And Possibilities
"Now" App Is Big Bet For NYTimes
AOL To Mesh Ad Tech Stack Into 'One' Platform
Bergdorf Looks to Mobile Web for Traffic, Sales
CMO Study Reveals Behavior Inside A Brand Remains Key To Content Sharing
Young Twentysomethings Watch More TV Online Than Via Cable
Restaurant Chain Adds Mobile Check-ins to Loyalty Program
TubeMogul Files For $75 Million IPO
Twitter Readies New Music Strategy
App Helps British Columbia Residents Have Farm-To-Table Experience
BuzzFeed Reveals Reasons People Share Content
Microsoft Launches A Video Ad Network in Britain
YouTube, AOL Among Video Outlets Aiming For Ads From Cable's Second Tier
Twitter Testing "Share" Button
Customer Data And The Power Of Now
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Taste And Tech: Papa John's Nears Digital Tipping Point
Mobiquity Opens Mall-Based Beacon Network To Developers
Oculus Shift: Facebook's New Look
Facebook Expands Lookalike Audience Targeting
How Facebook Will Use Oculus To Support Virtual Reality Advertising
BlackBerry Launching Ads, Stickers In BBM Channels
Mobile Shoppers & On-the-Fly Search
Clear Channel Outdoor Bows Mobile Ad Platform
Something's In The Water Down Under: Real-Time With AdRoll, AppNexus, RadiumOne Execs On Recent Moves Into Australia
Turn Strikes First Mobile, Video 'Deal ID' Partnerships
Re:think 2014 - Great. But Don't Blink
Why Marketers Are Failing At Marketing
Analysts View Oculus As Long-Term Bet By Facebook, Price Questioned
The Future of Online Publishers: Three Key Trends
Verizon, AT&T Ask FCC To Hold Off On Neutrality Rules
International Divide: Smartphone Use In U.S. Vs Canada
Buying Video Across Screens: Modus Interruptus
Amazon May Benefit from Cross-Border Commerce, Says Study
Pandora Blends Music Offering With Peet's
Twitter Visibility Should Aid Future Monetization
MillerCoors Aims to Drive Mobile Consumers to Venues
Merchant Warehouse Acquires Opticard
Express Adds Mobile Features for In-Store Shoppers
HubSpot Launches Signals As iOS App, Hires VP Of Growth
Commerce Growing via WeChat Mobile App
"Now" App Is Big Bet For NYTimes
IBM Research Says Twitter Can Infer Location Based On Behavior
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Long Way From Pathfinder: Gets Mobile Right
AT&T To Close, Retool 'Alerts' Service
Why Mobile Ads Are Like Toilets
Adobe's Mobile Services Support iBeacon, Predictive Tools
Augmented Reality: A New View Of The World
HTC Is Back With Deutsch LA
L.A. Culture Influencing Mobile Startups
Pure Leaf, Food & Wine Support Local Food Movement
Mobile Payments on the Fast Food Menu
Judge Throws Out Text-Spam Lawsuit Against Yahoo
Sprint Introduces The Framily Frobinsons
Trademob Taps Genzlinger As CEO
Next Year, Mobiles Will Be Half Of Paid Clicks
NowThis News Offers Mobile, Social Lessons
Mobile Commerce in China Projected to Hit $25 Billion This Year
Brand Tweets Build Consideration
Google Glass Teams Up With Ray-Ban and Oakley
Apple Sends Email Offering Refunds on Unauthorized In-App Purchases by Minors
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, March 24, 2014
Hey Cheapskate Sports Fan! Buy A Real Seat, Why Dontcha?
Social Media, Locator Features Increase In Mobile Ads
The 'Internet of Things' Will Reshape Advertising Agencies
The Nuances Of Mobile Search Marketing
Mobile Users Preview Video In Twitter
Apple Talks Streaming With Comcast, Recording Execs
Twitter Rolls Out New Email Feature
Hey, Advertisers and Agencies, Let's All Hate On Facebook!
Mobile's Context Shift
4As' Top Media Priorities: Multimedia Measurement, Addressable, Mobile Readiness
Apple Proposes New Cloud-Based Video-Streaming Service
What They're Saying about Mobile Payments
Retailers Drop NFC Payment Capabilities
CNN's Estenson Discusses Future Of Network's Digital Presence
Wearables: Function Over Fashion
MillerCoors Taps Mobile for Purchase Decision Process
How Mobile Is Hurting Your Relationships
Pure Leaf, Food & Wine Support Local Food Movement
Native Is Good, Responsive Is Better
Mobile Commerce Company Adds Google Walllet
TracFone Tops Wireless Customer Experience
TV-Related Tweets Kick-Start Viewers
Medium Debuts First iOS App
Mobile Payments Company Looks to Sign More Banks
More Devices, Less Divisive: Supply Chain Taps Into Tapad
'The Sunday Times' And 'The Times' Winning App Battle With MailOnline
NowThis News Offers Mobile, Social Lessons
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, March 21, 2014
Twitter At 8: Still A Challenge To Marketers...And To This Old Fart
Wearables Awareness High, Pricing Remains An Issue
QR Codes: Moving Beyond the Scan
Retailer Targets TV Viewers for Mobile Shopping
Yelp Taps YP To Expand Content, Ad Network
How Personalization Can Make You Soulless
How Mobile Is Hurting Your Relationships
TV Making Second Screens Work For it
Mobile App Aids Concierge Service
Yahoo Launches Yahoo Games Network
Bank of China Issues New Rules for Mobile Payments
Messaging App Tango Closes $280 Million Funding, Ups Competitive Edge
Through The Rose-Colored Google Glass
Enplug Wins 4A's 'Startup Showdown'
Jana Unveils Mobile Ad Platform For Emerging Markets
Social Media Driving Demand For Plastic Surgery
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, March 20, 2014
Yawn! More Wallet Fixation: BK To Add M-Payments
Mobile Ad Spend On Pace To Rise 75.1% To $31B
Facebook Desktop Time Dips, Rise In Mobile Usage Boosts Engagement
Bringing The Store To The Customer... No, Really
Consumers Want Mobile Wallets, Says Survey
Striking The Right Mobile Video Media Mix
Facebook, Google Help Rocket Mobile Advertising
How The Second Screen Will Finally Come Of Age
Retailers Struggling To Close Digital Divide
Twitter Celebrates Birthday With #FirstTweet
Amazon Set To Intro Streaming Dongle
The Wearable Advertising Auction Model Designed By Search Experts
Thanks To Mobile, More Retailers 'Clienteling'
Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Capabilities
Meet Motorola's New Round Moto 360 Smartwatch
Antisocial App Lets You Hide From Social Media "Friends"
Wearable Technology Coud Include Commerce
The Growing World of Low-Budget Mobile Commerce
Yahoo Launches Yahoo Games Network
Pandora Users Allowed To Proceed With App Privacy Case -- For Now
Compete Against Dali In Staring Contest With App For Florida's Dali Museum
Google Chromecast Now In 10 European Nations
Vimeo Buys Video App Cameo
Messaging App Tango Closes $280 Million Funding, Ups Competitive Edge
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 19, 2014
In-Car Karaoke Even More Popular Than Phoning
Mobile Becoming Dominant Search Channel
Top 10 Trends To Emerge From SXSW
Priceline Looks to Mobile to Expand Hotel Check-ins
Marissa Mayer: The Case For Advertising On Yahoo
Google's Android Wear Gets The Jump In Smartwatches
Unilever Partners with Beacon Platform Startup
Apple's Steve Jobs: 'TV Is A Terrible Business'
Supermarket Chain Launches Mobile Shopping App
Samsung's Marketing Capitalizes On Real-Time Moments
CMOs Underprepared For Data Explosion
Banks Getting Closer to Offering Mobile Shopping
Retailers Challenged by Growth of Mobile Shopping
Liodice: Digital Is The Least Accountable Of Media
Flurry Releases Android Guide For Gaming
Rules For Wearable-Tech Data
Role of Banks in Mobile Commerce Evolves
Yandex Acquires KitLocate, Integrates Geolocation Into Mobile Search Team
Google, Viacom Finally Settle Battle About Clips On YouTube
Google Play Gets Analytics, Tag Manager
Read All About It: DFM, Rumble Partner On Mobile Publishing
Kiip Teams With VivaKi, Facilitates Brands' 'Buy Moments'
Mayer Touts Apple Ad For Yahoo
73% Read A Magazine, In Print Or Digitally
Wall Street Journal Accused Of Violating Video Privacy Law With Roku App
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Instagram Glance TV - Prime Time In 15-Second Snips
Apple Adds Cheaper, 8GB iPhone 5C To Lift Sales
Scientific Adviser Suggests Mobile Hijack For Missing Malaysia Airliner Real Possibility
Be An Appliance, Not A Gadget: Do Marketers Overestimate Mobile Comfort?
New Technology, Old Behavior: Click-To-Call Optimizes Comfort And Efficiency
WhatsApp Founder Promises Not To Adopt Facebook's Data Collecting Way
Obamacare Campaign Utilizes Data, Cross-Platform Campaign To Reach Uninsured
TapSense Opens Doors For Native Mobile Ads, Includes RTB
Facebook's Face-Recognition Software Approaches Perfection
Digital's Time Will Come For Political Advertising. Now Is Not That Time, Say Top Ad Operatives
Mobile Gaming Presents Ad Opportunities
Yahoo Debuts Motion Ads For Kraft, Home Page
Do They Like Kitties, Too? YouTube Wants More Videos For Saudi Arabians
Lessons To Learn From Facebook's Video Ads? Work Harder, Think 'Movies'
TBS Sitcom "Cougar Town" Has Big Second-Screen Tie-In With Target Tonight
Political Operatives Predict Next Big Campaign Medium Is -- Surprise -- TV
They Found The Missing Malaysian Airliner! (Yes, It's A Scam)
The March Of Madness: Apple TV Is Unveiling ACC Sports App
DR Brand Marketers Favor Twitter For Local Campaigns
Really: Fiat In Brazil Brings Car Showroom To The Web
Walmart Getting Into The Used Videogame Game
Foursquare Maps Interests, What It Means For Mobile Search
Courtyard's Road Trip Began Its Yearlong Journey At SXSW
FilmOn X Says PBS Agrees To Pause Chicago Dispute
Mobile-Wallet Developer Cortex Sets Up Shop In CIC
Telemundo, Chevy Bow Sports Reality Web Show
Report Says Amazon Plans Set-Top Box For Movies, Games From Multiple Platforms
Connected Stadiums: Getting Fans Off Their Couches And Back Into Arenas
McConnelling With Mitch: A Weird Viral Sensation
Adland's Millennials Are On A Mission
The Video Viewability Debate
'Innovation Project' E-Commerce Conference To Focus On Digital Payments
Viacom Settles YouTube Copyright Dispute
Dish TV Animates Its Hopper
Native Advertising And Video: How To Avoid The Skip Button
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