Facebook Expands Lookalike Audience Targeting

Facebook on Tuesday introduced new targeting criteria for its lookalike audiences tool rolled out a year ago. Until now, marketers could create lookalikes based on information like email addresses, phone numbers and user IDs used to retarget customers on Facebook.
Now, they can build lookalike audiences based on people who visit their Web sites, use their mobile apps or are connected to their Facebook pages.
“Say you’re an online florist that wants to reach people similar to those that made purchases on your Web site. Now you can use data from your Facebook pixels … to reach people who are most similar to people who previously made purchases on your Web site,” stated a post on the Facebook for Business blog today.

Similarly, an app developer might want to create lookalike audiences to generate more downloads and users, while brands and businesses might use the service to generate more business by finding audiences similar to people who are fans of their Facebook pages.

Facebook added that it doesn't share any personal information from people targeted in lookalike audiences with advertisers. The new features roll out worldwide today through the Power Editor tool for managing multiple campaigns and ads on the site.
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