Mobile Marketing Daily Editions for September 2015
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015
Twitter Reconsiders Tweet Length, Humanity Holds Its Breadth
AOL, Verizon Team With Publicis For Sales
The End For Ad-Supported Websites?
Mobile Is Top Ad Medium For Gen Z, Millennial College Students
Tinder Wants STD Billboard Removed
ViewLift VP Michael Kohn On Monetizing Content, App Building
The Internet of Things By The Percentages
Get Personal: 5 Phases Of Travel Email Marketing ROI
Retail Marketers Ill-Prepared For Holidays, Behind In Mobile Execution
Mobile To Overtake TV Next Year, eMarketer Predicts
Restaurants Offering More Possibilities Via Mobile Devices
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015
How Phones Are Taking Over Ecommerce
Facebook Debuts Mobile Ad Products To Lure TV Dollars
Mobile Is The Future! (Or Maybe Just The Present)
HuffPo Gets Redesign, BuzzFeed Bows Android App
Is Direct Programmatic Lining Them Up For Private Mobile RTB Conversion?
Magna Global: Programmatic Ad Spend Will Reach $37 Billion By 2019
Marketing Innovation And The Internet of Things
GetResponse Launches New Apps To Manage Email Campaigns
Google Customer Match Bridges Email Lists For Search, Gmail, YouTube Ad Targeting
Verizon Taps go90 Content To Compete With Online Streaming Nets
App Optimization Tips
Google Under Possible U.S. Antitrust Scrutiny Of Android
Mobile Paid-Search Flaws And How To Fix Them
Restaurants Offering More Possibilities Via Mobile Devices
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 28, 2015
Apple's Fortunes Rise With Record iPhone Sales
adjust Brings Marketing Analytics To Connected TVs
Mobile Gaming: Brand Marketers' Best Kept Secret
Quixey Introduces Deep View Cards
US Hispanics Super Mobile Consumers
Q&A: GenY Not As Open To Diversity As Marketers Think
Is Direct Programmatic Lining Them Up For Private Mobile RTB Conversion?
Yahoo Rolls Programmatic Under BrightRoll
Oculus Rift Not Merging With Xbox One Anytime Soon
GoPro Launches Budget Model
Mobile Playing The Lead Role In Nike's ECommerce Drive
Facebook Launches New Mobile Ad Tools For TV Advertisers
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 25, 2015
Will Android Force Google Into Fresh U.S. Antitrust Suit?
Second-Screen Multitasking Tops With TV News, Kids Shows
Is Over-The-Top Over? Oculus/Netflix Deal To Bypass Screens Altogether
Quixey Introduces Deep View Cards
Google Launches Note-Taking App Keep For iOS
BlackBerry To Launch Android-Based Phone
Tinder Says It Has Spambots On The Run
Mobile Apps Moving to Control More Home Devices
Factors Contributing To Local Mobile Search Rankings May Surprise You
Conversational Commerce And The Mobile Experience
The Elephant In The Mobile Advertising Room
Heineken Continues Love Affair With Bond
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015
In-Store, Targeted Messaging: Deals Vs. Annoyance
Qriously Teams Up With Drawbridge For Cross-Device Partnership
Internet of Things Expands: Billions of Connected Devices & Dollars
Why I'm Bullish About Smartwatches
Facebook Rolling Out 360-Degree Video
Better Ads For A Better Tomorrow
Snickers Bars Call Out Hunger Symptoms
AMC, Rentrak Team Develop Demographic Reach Metrics
Delayed Apple Watch Update Released
Beacons Seen As Tool for Value Added Content
Call For Entries: 'Agency of the Year' Awards
Mobile Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015
Mobile Skyrockets With 1B Users, Global Reach Expands
The Sad State Of Mobile Advertising (I'm Crying On The Inside)
Adelphic Teams With Opera Mediaworks, Extends Video
Where Branding Meets Performance: Merging Mobile Apps And TV Advertising
Mobile Addiction, Responsive Design Can Fuel Email ROI
T-Mobile Continues Jabs At Other Carriers
Rugby Cup Gets An App From Omnigon
Productivity App Pingpad Debuts
White House: Broadband Is "Core Utility"
CrunchBase Spinning Off From AOL/Verizon
Mobile DNA Determining Instagram's Continued Success
Mobile Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015
Streaming Music Makes Mobile Sing
Pixalate Introduces Mobile Seller Trust Index
Davis' Emmy Win Sweeps Twitter
Facebook Promotes Search Pro To Build Out Local L.A. Ecommerce
Boomers Vs. Millennials: More Common Ground Than You'd Think
HM Deepens Cruelty, Sustainability Marketing
Skype Experiencing Technical Difficulties
Google Push Notification Brings Users Back To Apps
Google Research Paper Suggests Sharing ISP Network Data
AT&T Sues Three Ex-Employees Over Phone Unlocking 'Malware'
Where Branding Meets Performance: Merging Mobile Apps And TV Advertising
96% Challenged by IoT Projects, 42% Targeting Consumers
Call For Entries: MediaPost's 'All Stars'
Mobile Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 21, 2015
Major Breach Threatens Apple's App Kingdom
Krispy Kreme Goes Mobile With 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' Promo
Programmatic Marketers Still Catching Up To Consumers On Mobile
ThinkPolitical Primes Location Targeting For Political Marketers
Jingle Bells: Open For Holiday Forecasts
October Search Spike Calls For Short-Lived, Focused Campaign
Kinetic Social Joins Instagram Ads API, Ups Brand Engagement
Periscope Expands To Desktop
Mobile Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 18, 2015
The Booming Mobile Ad-Blocker Business
How Google Will Know You Better Than You Know Yourself
Volkswagen Touts Infotainment In New Push
Google Project Aura Recruits Amazon Engineers
Apple Challenging EBooks Price-Fixing Case
Apple Met With California Officials About Self-Driving Car
T-Mobile Adds 20 Nations To Simple Global Cell Plans
IOS 9 Signals Mobile Display Is A Dead Man Walking -- Long Live Native And Social
The Inevitability Of Ad Blocking For Apps
Consumer Data & Getting IoT Marketing Insights Back to the Smartphone
Mobile Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015
Monetizing Social Media
North Americans Favor Accessing Internet Via Mobile
PubMatic's Mobile Business Soars
Oscar Mayer Offers (Real) Dating App For Bacon Lovers
EU Programmatic Market Jumped 70.5% In 2014
Speak Like a Minion With Movie-Themed App
Tim Cook Considers Future Of The Mac
The Cost To Target A Mobile App Install By Operating System
The Future Of Luxury Wearable Tech?
The Tweet That Wags The Market
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