EU Programmatic Market Jumped 70.5% In 2014

According to new data released Wednesday by IAB Europe, the European programmatic ad market jumped 70.5% in 2014, rising from €2.14 billion in 2013 to €3.65 billion in 2014.

The IAB Europe also looked under the “programmatic” hood at the different channels -- namely mobile and video. The report, which was shared at dmexco 2015 on Wednesday morning, noted that mobile was a key growth driver in programmatic, jumping 240%, to €552 million, in 2014 (up from €230 million in 2013).

But programmatic video was no slouch either. The IAB Europe notes that programmatic video grew 176% year-over-year, from €76 million to €205 million.

The report notes that in 2014, programmatic made up over one-fourth (27.3%) of the total mobile ad market in Europe. Programmatic represented 12.1% of the total online video ad market.

However, both mobile and video still pale in comparison to the size of the programmatic display market in Europe, which the IAB valued at €2.9 billion last year. It was valued at €1.8 billion in 2013.

IAB Europe teamed with IHS to conduct the research.

Western Europe accounts for the vast majority of the programmatic ad spend in Europe -- the region represented roughly €3.4 billion of the €3.65 billion pie -- but report notes that “Central and Eastern Europe surge[d].”

Per the report, programmatic spend in Central and Eastern Europe more than doubled from 2013 to 2014, as the region saw a 112.6% jump.

The full report can be found here.

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