GetResponse Launches New Apps To Manage Email Campaigns

GetResponse, an email marketing SaaS platform, announced new mobile applications for both Android and iOS that enables marketers to manage their email campaigns via mobile device.

This announcement comes on the heels of recent research that reveals almost half of all emails clicks are by mobile device.

Like consumers, marketers desire the flexibility of mobile communication. GetResponse’s new app includes a landing page module that allows marketers to supervise campaigns remotely and access A/B testing and mobile inbox previews from their mobile devices.

In addition to campaign management, Marketers can also analyze the ROI of their marketing efforts from with access to real-time campaign statistics within the app, such as opens, clicks, purchases, location-based information, unsubscribes and new subscriber information.

Pre-formatted reports can then be easily forwarded to team members and clients from the mobile app itself.

Abby Hehemann, community specialist at GetResponse, says that the new mobile applications are updates to GetResponse’s platform based on client feedback and industry standards.

“Many of our clients don’t have the luxury of running their business from their office,” states Founder and CEO Simon Grabowski. “The GetResponse app puts tools at their fingertips for monitoring campaigns, responding to fast-changing conditions and adjusting their messaging.”

GetResponse states that the mobile app also automates the responsive design process, by optimizing emails for any mobile device, regardless of size or type.

Messages can also be segmented and sent to an entire email list, a particular division, or a single person. Any type of demographic data available, such as age, gender, location, and purchase behavior, can be tracked, segmented, and used to personalize email messages, says Hehemann.

“Personalization is key for a reason,” Hehemann continues. “People are so inundated with emails that they are looking for targeted offers. They don’t want to see an email that was sent to tens of thousands of people.”

In addition to its automated features, GetResponse also has a manual mode that allows marketers to update and/or build email lists on the spot by manual entry or importation from address books. Although this may at first seem tedious, a manual mode could be an incredibly useful tool for marketers when networking at conferences.

Marketers also have access to cross-device collaborative tools, enabling them to access, review, and send emails previously drafted on a laptop or desktop.

When asked what was next for GetResponse, Hehemann said they are preparing for the holiday season rush and next looking to overhaul their marketing automation feature.



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