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Monday, January 29, 2001
  • Transactional Email A Success

    Transactional email, the recent Bigfoot Interactive offering that allows recipients to purchase products directly from email, appears to be a success. Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl a Draw for Advertisers

    While the Baltimore Ravens routed the New York Giants 34-7 on the football field on Super Bowl Sunday, rivals in beverages, credit cards and ... Read the whole story

  • Large Companies Increase Online Advertising

    AdRelevance says that gradual growth from large companies does not signal a nearby end to market weariness. Read the whole story

  • Are Media Sites Leaving Ad Networks for More Attention?

    This month, Winstar Interactive Media, a rep firm, won several significant new clients who had worked with major ad networks DoubleClick and Engage. While ... Read the whole story