Real-Time Daily Editions for November 2015
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Nov. 30, 2015
6 Predictions For 2016: Conversant's Raju Malhotra Says One View Of Consumers Coming
3 Takeaways From AdMonsters' First-Party Data Playbook
Is Ad Blocking Pro-Consumer, The End Of Free Content ... Or Both?
So What Are Managed Tags?
Group M Raises Prediction On Ad Growth
Study: Programmatic, Data Optimize Retailers' Holiday Campaigns
Despite Analytics, Programmatic Ad Serving, Out-Of-Stock Incidents Rise
Small Businesses: Four Steps To Enhance Real-Time Marketing
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Nov. 27, 2015
Prep & Predictions: RadiumOne's Dave Zinman On 4 Things You Need To Know For 2016 -- Think iOT
TubeMogul Reports Programmatic Growth In Australia And New Zealand
86% Of UK Media Agencies Incorporate Ad Tech
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015
IBM SystemML Machine Learning Technology Goes Open-Source
Outside Voices: I'd Like to Teach the World to Ad Block
Prep & Predictions: ChoiceStream's Anna McCarthy On 5 Things You Need To Know For 2016; Clients Will Demand More
If You've Got A Problem With Fraud, You're Doing Programmatic Wrong
New SpotX Product Packages Similar Videos From Different Publishers
TV Programmatic & The Snow Cone
Programmatic's New Tenants: Brand Marketers
Viadeo Selects Turn To Target Members
Acxiom Thinks The Furor Over Ad Blocking And IOS 9 Is Overblown
ANA Study: Most Marketers Would Shift Ad Spend Over Lack Of Third-Party Measurement
More Meaningless Advice For Premium Publishers
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015
Prep & Predictions: TubeMogul's Keith Eadie On 6 Things You Need To Know For 2016 About CTV & More
PubNation Selects OpenX To Monitor Low-Quality Ads for Publishers
Ooyala Unbundles Its 'IQ' Video Analytics Service
Bogusky's Visibl Strikes Deal With SpotX, Gives Small Advertisers Access To Premium Video Inventory
Walled Gardens: Learning From The Past To Predict The Future
Traffic Quality Crackdown Kicks Off Record Price Rise
Snapchat Is A Measurement Challenge
Is Programmatic Advertising Relevant In B2B?
Bringing Law and Order To Wild West Of Programmatic TV
McDonald's Sets Out DMP Plans
The Rise Of Audience-Powered DSPs
As Brands Build Their Own Data Management Platforms, Will Agencies Become Advisors?
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Nov. 23, 2015
Prep & Predictions: OneSpot's Adam Weinroth On 5 Things You Need To Know For 2016
Publishers: Here's Your Counter-Move To Apple's Ad Blocking
Bauer Media Creates Head of Programmatic Role For MailOnline Vet
EE's Looking At How To Give Its 27 Mil Customers Ad-blocking Control
Majority Of European Video Buyers Use Programmatic, AOL Report Finds
How Affiliate Marketing Sidesteps Ad Blocking
Twitter's MoPub Adds Native Video
From Search To Programmatic, Five Steps To Improve Campaign Performance
AOL Survey: Most Brands Are Bringing Programmatic Video Buying In-House
Google Unveils New Programmatic Native and Full-Screen Mobile Video Ads
Yahoo Confirms Anti Ad-Blocking Trial
Publishers Should Start Paying Attention To Viewability
Real-Time Daily - Friday, Nov. 20, 2015
Can Marketers Meet Brand-Building Objectives Programmatically?
AOL-Owned Millennial Teams Up With Rentrak To Offer TV Ad Retargeting In Mobile
Rocket Fuel's 'People-Based Marketing' Is All About The Conversation
Marketers' Relationship With Mobile Programmatic: It's Complicated
AdSorcery Aims To Circumvent Ad Blockers
Could Ad Blocking Really Dampen Democracy?
ITV Programmatic Deal To Sync TV With Online Ads
Data-Powered Creative Necessity In Programmatic Age
Want To See Fewer Ads? Become An RTB Expert
Real-Time Daily - Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015
Prep & Predictions Series: Four Things You Need To Know For 2016
Sonobi Launches Direct Programmatic Platform With Guarantee On Audience Targeting
The Guardian Thinks Custom Ads Can Stem Ad-Blocking
MediaMath Acquires Spree7 to Expand Programmatic Offering in Europe
All Politics Is Data for 2016 And Beyond
Lucid Launches 'Proof' To Bring Transparency To Media Buying
Newly Discovered Botnet Siphoning Billions From Digital Advertising: Report
Urban Airship Launches Insights To Leverage Data, Pinpoint ROI
Twitter Highlights Value Of Mobile Programmatic
Cross-Device Targeting Focuses On 'Humans'
How Targeting Life Events Allows Brands to Better Understand Audiences
2015 'All Stars' Unveiled
IDG Partners With Google To Guarantee 100% Ad Viewability
Real-Time Daily - Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2015
Prep & Predictions Series: Six Things You Need To Know For 2016
Native Ads May Help Marketers Combat Ad Blocking
A Marketer's Guide To Ad Tech Consultants
Pixalate's Fix For 'Xindi,' Bot That's Zapping University, Fortune 500 Computer Systems
Channel 4 Bows New Programmatic Service And Creative Strategy At Upfront In London
DataXu Expands Global Footprint Into Asia-Pacific
Why Programmatic Ad Buying Is More Important Than You Think
Maximizing Ad Viewability
How To Scale Native Programmatic Advertising
Real-Time Daily - Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015
Goodblock: An Ad Blocker With A Purpose
Sky Media Chooses Videology For New Programmatic System
Is Mobile Programmatic A Brand Builder or Brand Buster?
How To Scale Native Programmatic Advertising
Pixalate's Fix For 'Xindi,' Bot That's Zapping University, Fortune 500 Computer Systems
Google To Support Programmatic Native Advertising
Following Attacks, Users Turn To Social Media For News, Solidarity
Matomy Media Acquires Optimatic, Ups Digital Video Options
Everything You Need To Know About Programmatic: The Video Edition
2015 Agency Of The Year Winners Announced
Are Walled Gardens Harming Opportunities For Brands?
Native + Mobile + Video = Future
Anti-Bot Tech Leads To Better Engagement, Says Study
Real-Time Daily - Monday, Nov. 16, 2015
SpotX Releases Development Kit To Support Apple's TVOS
Forrester: Out With The Old Media Buying, In With The New
Ouch! Edward Snowden Says Using Ad Blockers 'Not Just A Right, But A Duty'
Former Red Bull Marketing Chief Issues A Manifesto On Winning the Ad-Blocking Wars
Ad Ops Insider: Get Your Header Bidding On!
Connected TV Usage To Hit 200 Million By 2019
2015 Agency Of The Year Winners Announced, GoPro Named Best Client
Digital Outdoor Trading Gets Automated
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