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Tuesday, March 23, 2010
  • DoubleClick Lead Architect Launches Search Retargeting Platform

    Ad retargeting typically conjures up images of display ads, but one seasoned ad executive has developed a retargeting platform based on search. Magnetic Founder … Read the whole story

  • The Uncensored Search Uprising Of 2010

    I've got a movie scene in my head. It's not from an actual movie; it's a dreamscape compilation of every movie you've ever seen … Read the whole story

  • Appeals Court OKs Judges' Use Of Google

    Jurors are causing mistrials by conducting their own Web research, but it's apparently OK for judges to base their rulings on material they find … Read the whole story

  • Five Search Lessons From Show Business

    For the past few months I've been working after hours in a Beatles tribute band called The Meetles that plays three nights a week … Read the whole story

  • Google's China Temporary Redirect Shenanigans

    One day after Google began redirecting traffic from to its Hong Kong portal, analysts, advertising and marketing execs began stepping up efforts … Read the whole story

  • ABC News Signs Healthline Deal To Add Content And Bundle Ads

    ABC News Digital announced Monday a deal with Healthline Networks to provide interactive tools and health information on the network's Web site. The news … Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Researcher: Wall Street And Consumer Confidence Diverging

    The stock market may be improving, but consumers have little faith that an economic recovery is imminent. In fact, they may have an increasingly … Read the whole story

  • Google Unveils AdWords Search Funnels

    Google launched AdWords Search Funnels Tuesday to give advertisers insight into keywords and ad groups in campaigns that play a role in leading consumers … Read the whole story