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Friday, July 23, 2010
  • The Search Alliance: A Study In Listening To Advertisers First

    We are close to 60 days from the formal transition of most advertisers to the Bing platform as part of the Yahoo-Bing search results ... Read the whole story

  • White Salmon And Black Swans

    For all of human history, until the 17th century, it was commonly accepted that all swans were white. But in 1697, Dutch explorer Willem ... Read the whole story

  • Skype Supports Marchex Click-To-Call Service

    PRIMEDIA wanted a path for its subsidiary Consumer Source to reach people nationwide looking to rent an apartment or home. The company supports about ... Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Advertising Connects The Screens

    Multi-screen adoption of digital technology and devices has created a challenge for advertising to deliver relevant, targeted messages. The more connected the consumer, the ... Read the whole story