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Tuesday, October 23, 2012
  • Google's Keyword (Not Provided), One Year Later

    Last Thursday marked the one-year anniversary of one of the more controversial announcements in Google's sordid history with the SEO community. On October 18, … Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Revs Up 11%, Mayer Puts Focus On Search, Mobile

    Yahoo's revenue from search, minus traffic acquisition costs, rose 11% to $414 million in Q3 2012, compared with the year-ago quarter. Revenue from display … Read the whole story

  • Marketing Automation Rules - Or Does It?

    As a marketer, every day you're seeing technology take over your life, enhance your work and threaten to render you obsolete. At FutureM, an … Read the whole story

  • Adobe Predicts Rising Mobile CPCs

    Google's downward sliding cost per click last quarter, caused by an increase in mobile traffic, could take an upward turn in time for the … Read the whole story

  • Imagine AR Becoming A Reflex

    Hardware is becoming robust enough and network speeds fast enough to help augmented reality designers move this promising platform beyond cool proof-of-concept tests. A … Read the whole story

  • Gen Y Involved In Election, Key Ad Target

    Along with gluing viewers to TVs and other media devices, the current election season is providing a wealth of demographic information for marketers -- … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Pros: Industry Yet To Be Optimized

    From an advertising standpoint mobile's year has yet to come -- the industry is still trying to figure optimal ways for marketers to use … Read the whole story

  • How To Win The Post-Internet Future

    Success in media has always been tied to the ability to innovate in the face of change. Although we can't predict the future, anticipating … Read the whole story