Search Marketing Daily Editions for June 2013
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, June 28, 2013
Duplicate Search Results Less Effective
Display Impressions Optimize Paid-Search Campaigns
Marketers Learn A Little More About Microsoft's Mobile Strategy
Consumers Favor Brand Searches On Mobile Sites
Microsoft, Oracle Mend Fences In The Cloud
Yelp Influences Local Buying
Krylon Fixes Its Agency, Literally
Google Reportedly Building Video Game Console
Adobe Acquires Neolane
Welcome...Again: AOL App Recalls Its Early Portal Identity
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 27, 2013
What Facebook Hashtag Targeting Might Look Like
Google Glass App Gets Buy-In From, Brands
Yahoo News Revamps Look, Updates Portal
Marketers Up Search Efforts For Travel Media
FBX Ads In News Feed Deliver Significantly Higher CTR
Millennial Media Allies With Mediahub/Mullen For Ad Tech
EU: Google Not Responsible For Personal Data
Watchdogs To Police Children's Sites For Privacy Violations
Content Is The New Currency For Smarter Search And Smarter Marketing
Google's Algo Changes Like Unpredictable Weather
Microsoft, Oracle Mend Fences In The Cloud
LinkedIn Adds Usage Tracking Features
Microsoft Challenges Surveillance Court
Google Glass Enters Medical Field
Facebook Streamlines App Install Ads
Search For Universal Awareness
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 26, 2013
IgnitionOne: Search Budgets, Clicks, Impressions Up
FTC Warns Search Engines About Paid Ads
Wireside Chat : More From Comscore's Eli Goodman
LinkedIn Teams With IDG On Tech Groups
Omnicom, Not WPP Or Publicis, Dominates Madison Avenue's Tech Story
Google On Google's Concession Proposals: 'Good Job'
What's On Your Mind, George Gallate?
Publishers Ask EC To Reject Google's Proposals
RadiumOne Taps Bader As CMO
Hey, Europe, Google's Not To Blame For Your News Woes
Marketing's Role In Boston Market's Rib Success
AdWords Tips, Checklist
Demystifying Semantic SEO
100 Ways Optimization Helps Companies Succeed
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 25, 2013
FTC Releases Search Guidelines
Mobile SEO Risks Force Brands To Comply With Google Changes
Important Information Inside?
Personal Information Not The Responsibility Of Search Engines
Google Enhanced Campaigns Push Up Analysts' Stock Target
FTC Opens Antitrust Probe Into Google-Waze Deal
Debunking Shopping Engine Myths
Finding Keywords To Describe The Business
Google Ordered To Delete Street View Data
Burberry, Google Send Smartphone Smooches
Google On Google's Concession Proposals: 'Good Job'
How To Optimize Apps For App Stores
Art Buy: Demand Media Acquires Society6
Will Mobile Crush Online Advertising's Hopes?
Email Customer Acquisition Rates Solid
Publishers Ask EC To Reject Google's Proposals
Hey, Europe, Google's Not To Blame For Your News Woes
U.S. Ad Spend Holds, Cable And Spanish-Language TV Rise
Spammers Take Advantage of Google's Birthday
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, June 24, 2013
How Social Content Supports Real-Time Search Engine Marketing Launches, Focus On Mobile Real-Time Bidding
Why Your Merchant Feed And PLA Campaign Should Be Managed Together
AOL Reader In Beta As Google Shutters RSS Feed
Search Autocompletes: Helpful Or Manipulative? 'The Xbox One Is...'
Reach Millennials Via Search, Social, Mobile
De-Manufacturing The Brand
Social Media Helps Marketers Capitalize On Events, Consumer Reactions
Advertisers Track Data, Privacy Is Intact
The Rise Of Just-in-time Information Systems
Google Privacy Breaches Claimed By France, Spain
Digital First Taps NewsCred For Syndicated Content
NSA Snooping Could Impact Media Research
Marketers With High Email TINS Rates Engage Users
Digital Ad Spend Rising, Twitter Up 95%
The Jungian Theory Of Emotional Connections
Content Galaxy Launches Streaming Video Platform
How Google, Facebook, Microsoft Increase Speeds
Why Mobile Ads Must Not Stand Alone
YP Forecast Shows Slower Rate Of Decline
Apple's Search For More Sales
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, June 21, 2013
'I Do' Marketers Remember Related Search Terms
Google Heightens Focus On Attribution Metrics For Marketers
I Miss The Old Purchase Funnel
Brands Must Push Real-Time Ads To Stay Relevant
Another Path To Conversion
DAA Bashes New Cookie-Blocking Initiative
Google's Project Loon: Internet For Everyone
Debunking 4 Local Advertising Myths
Facebook Adds 15-Second Videos For Instagram, Brands Sign On
Eggland's Searches For 'CEO' (Chief Egg Officer)
How To Reduce Steps In Ecommerce Checkout
Google Blocks Rogue Pharma Ads
Real-Time Marketing Takes Commitment
FMB Media Launches
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 20, 2013
Pricing Traffic Share On Google
In The Age Of Digital Immortality
The Story Of The Underwood Typewriter Company
Twitter Gets Social With Viacom
Reach Millennials Via Search, Social, Mobile
Yahoo Localworks Not For Brands
CMOs Lack Knowledge To Measure Customer Experience
The Basics Of YouTube Advertising
Babberly Launches Hyperlocal Mobile Ad Platform
Tools To Test Mobile Sites Per Device
The Evolution Of Search Ranking On Smartphones
Search Autocompletes: Helpful Or Manipulative? 'The Xbox One Is...'
New Stanford Initiative Helps Browser Developers Refine Cookie-Blocking
Facebook Aims To Simplify Page Analytics
Powley Tapped As iCrossing CEO
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Search Turns To Discovery, But Marketers Missing The Mark
Meet Evidon, Ghostery's Parent Company
Acquisitions Flourish, Google To Seek Equity Firm To Further Deals
Consumer Action: Most Web Users Want Control Over Tracking
DuckDuckGo Search Traffic Rises 33% Since NSA Revealed
Millennial Expands Video Ad Options
Health Care Industry Increasing Search, Tracking Capabilities
CIMM Issues Request For Data, Cross-Platform Metrics
Texas Passes Email Privacy Bill Requiring Warrants for Email Searches
Digital, Alternative Media Revs Forecast To Hit $436B By 2017
A Study In Increasing Leads, Reducing Costs Through Phone Calls
Get In The Game: Games Deliver ROI For Brand Advertising
Brand Etiquette For Digital Identities
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Search Engines Flocking To Mobile Focus On Local
Publicis Groupe's VivaKi Influences Mass Relevance Social Road Map
YouTube Videos Don't Have to be THAT Short
Affiliate Channels Attract Global Buying, Tailored Marketing Programs
Can Ad Networks And Advocates Close The Gap On Do-Not-Track?
Google Enhanced Campaigns Increase Cost Per Click
The Trends Guiding Great Email Design
Video Trends: Buyers Look To Long-Form Content
Microsoft Rolls Out Ad Pano, Mobile Ad Format
Kiip Debuts Self-Serve Option For Advertisers
Be Persistent, Colorful, Short, Valuable: IAB Issues Mobile Creative Manifesto
ZO Shaves Global Ad Outlook: Says Internet, Especially Mobile, Will Be Greatest Growth Engines
MediaMath Taps Meranus, Miller
Yahoo Could Pay $50M For Qwiki
Making Redirects As Simple As Change Of Address
Amazon Launches Electronic Birthday Gift Cards On Facebook
How Bing Voice Search Got Faster, More Accurate
Brands Missing Op In Twitter Vine?
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, June 17, 2013
Search Signals From Balloons
Yahoo Launches Lead Gen Biz
Good vs. Bad Organic Traffic
BrightRoll, Google Battle For Video Ad Supremacy
Search Marketing Campaigns Change With TIme
Apple Revamps iOS 7, App Changes Benefit Marketers
Americans Knew their Privacy Was Shot Even Before the NSA News
Let's Get Engaged! A Digital Story About Digital Storytelling
Fandango Adds To Video Lineup
Schick Hydro, Three Guys, And New Zealand
Why Waze Sold To Google
How Google Promotes An Entrepreneurial Culture
Cannes Going Branded Content
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