Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for June 2013
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 14, 2013
The Cookie Chip: Post-Browser Ad-Tracking May Be Silicon
How Storytellers Influence Change
Omnicom, Salesforce Partnership Builds Cloud Services, Data Infrastructure
How Do You Feel About This: AOL Enables Brands To Track Users' Unconscious Emotions, In Real-Time
Global TV Ad Growth Forecast At 3% In 2013, 6% Next Year
Ad Spend Forecast Glum: Trad Media Down, Cable, Digital Up
Yahoo Acquires GhostBird To Enhance Flickr
Travel Search Engine Wego Announces New Platform
Facebook Kills Sponsored Results
Why Waze Sold To Google
Google Accused Of Avoiding Taxes In UK
The State Of Neuroscience In Market Research
The Stuff In Google Glass
8 Mobile Video Myths
Twitter Metrics For All
Tips On Optimizing Landing Pages
Paid-Search Tips For Small Businesses
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 13, 2013
Google Takes Majority Of Mobile Ads, Facebook Closest Rival
The Open And Shut Mind
Low Viewability Impacts CTR, Rich Media Mobile Campaigns Engage Consumers
Facebook Adds Hashtag Support For Users, Marketers
Mojiva's Mocean Debuts Ad-Serving Service For Advertisers
Google Finds A Waze To Drive Local Ads
Apple Beefs Up Privacy Protections In iOS 7
AdRoll Acquires Bitdeli, Enhances Data Power
Google Video Ads for News Sites Tripled in the Last Year
Really - Cloud Computing Is Safe, Secure. Honest
How To Smarten-Up The Dump Content
How To Estimate Missing iOS 6 Data
Bing Upgrades Maps
Financial Services Paid-Search Ad Words Generating Revenue
Mobile Attribution, Video Stars Rising
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Misconceptions Between Marketers' Perceptions, Consumers' Behavior
BrightEdge Secures $42.8 Million In Funding, Future Is Mining Deeper Data
Google-Enhanced Campaigns: Migration Or Migraine?
Missed Digital Ops Hurt Marketers, Trad Media Scores Credibility Points
Google Finds A Waze To Drive Local Ads
Click-Through Success: Facebook's Move To Merge Sponsored Story Ads
Appeals Court Rejects ComScore's Privacy Case Appeal
Mobile Ads Forecast To Rival Desktop, Metrics Key
Google Video Ads for News Sites Tripled in the Last Year
Bing Gains Market Share, According To comScore
8 Tips For Choosing An Analytics Package
Google Wants To Disclose FISA Requests In Transparency Report
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Apple Siri Defaults To Bing
Millennials Believe Technology Drives Global Change
Google Acquires Waze
Google-Enhanced Campaigns: Migration Or Migraine?
Local Mobile Spend Varies Widely, Biggest Markets On Track To Earn $100 Million
How Much Will Marketers Spend On Mobile, Desktop Ads?
Anki Launches
Starcom's Desmond: Media Models Need To Change, Future Is Multiscreen Use
PM To Google: Wipe Out Child Porn
Voice Search's Underlying Technology
Apple Unveils Major iOS Upgrade
Entertainment Biz Sees Digital Dominating Revenue By 2015
Attribution Models Identify Awareness
News Publishers Triple Online Ads
Please Geofence Me In: RetailMeNot Engagement Up 4X With Location Triggers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 10, 2013
Tips On Structuring Tomorrow's Search Marketing Department
Apple Challenges Google, Microsoft In The Cloud
How To Right Penguin Wrongs Before Using Google Disavow Tools
Rich Media Ads Outperform Mobile Banners
How To Rethink Business Directories
Location Key: Too Many Digital Ads Lack Viewability
Does TrueView's Success Mean No Difference Between UGC and Premium Content For Marketers?
U.S. Mobile Video Audience Spikes To 45 Million
Is Google Wallet A Boondoggle?
What Do Marketers Want from Big Data Anyway?
Russia Debuts 'Islands' Tool On Its Yandex
Google Scientist Co-Developer Of Content-Lens Displays
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, June 7, 2013
Google Enhanced Campaigns Migration Gets Mixed Reviews
Yahoo's Latest Content Wager: Odds Are An Even Split
Do Duplicate Leads Benefit Or Hinder Performance?
Insights From Google Stockholders Meeting
BlackBerry Overhauls Services, Branding
The Art Of Shopping Engines, Product Feeds
Facebook To Eliminate Half Of Ad Units
Yandex Reimagining Search
Is Google Wallet A Boondoggle?
How Many Characters Does It Take To Get A 'Like'?
bMobilized Pushes Free Mobilized Sites
Global Media Spend Forecast To Hit $2 Trillion In 2017
Steps To Optimize Paid-Search Campaigns
A Tale Of Two Mobile Devices: Madison Ave. Begins Segmenting Tablets Vs. Smartphones
Climbing The Slippery Slope Of Advertising
Google, Cisco Pay TiVo $490M For Patent Case
Sex And Violence Are Still TV Issues -- And So Is Research About Them
Former AdMob Ad Op Guy Takes COO Role At Interactive TV Co
Sony Boarding Apple's iRadio Train
The Government is Reading Emails Directly From Google, Facebook, Yahoo & Microsoft Server
Yahoo Wants Address-Book App Maker Xobni
10 Steps To Profitable AdWords Campaigns
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 6, 2013
Yandex Makes Search Queries The Destination Rather Than The Journey
Google Search Predicts Movie Box-Office Revenue
Climbing The Slippery Slope Of Advertising
Online Video Trumps TV In Engagement, Ad Shifts
Brand Networks Secures $68 Million Investment, Eyes Global Expansion
WPP, Twitter Partner To Enhance Data, Campaigns
Digital Rights Groups Side With Universities In Book Digitization Dispute
After ExactTarget Deal, Are Responsys & Constant Contact Next?
New Gmail Categorization Tools Could Hurt Social Media Sites
The Whole Story - "On The Go" Video On Rise
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Yahoo Plans New Features To Improve Search Results
When Showrooming Requires A Mobile Search App
Why Are Brands Abandoning gTLD Applications?
DoubleClick Integrates Support For Native Ads, Brand Integration
Wireside Chat: Featuring Comscore's Eli Goodman
Advance Taps Echo To Make Content Social
The Rise Of Content Selling
Social Sites Top Banks, Retailers In Security, Data Trust
PLAs Taking 80% Of Search Results Page
Evidon Acquires Mobile Privacy Tool
Diving Deep For Links Affected By Google Penguin
Google Launches Content Experiments API
Is Google Glass The Demise Of Our Collective Attention Span? Buys ExactTarget, Expands Marketing Capabilities
Google Glass, The Second Reality
Amazon Forecast To Hit $1.1B In Ad Revs By 2015
A Bullseye Requires Accurate Data
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 4, 2013
When Social Becomes Currency For Search Marketers
MediaMath Acquires Akamai's Ad Biz, Relaunches As Adroit Digital
Paid-Search Ad On The Back Of A U-Haul
Banner Ads Can Be Native Too
Android Blooms On Twitter's Vine
Google Promises PG-Rated Glass Experience
Bricks And Pixels: The Blueprint For Rebuilding Your Retail Foundation
Rich Mobile Ads More Engaging on Facebook, Twitter
How High Will Yahoo Go?
Mobile: So Fast It Could Make You Slow Down
Google Says Court Should Throw Out Android Privacy Lawsuit
The Link Between Sitelinks, User Behavior Buys ExactTarget, Expands Marketing Capabilities
Why Brands Should Reduce Multi-step Processes
Apple Changing Mobile Ad Model
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, June 3, 2013
How Hot Air Balloons Digitize
Google Warns Brands To Be Up-Front About Native Ads
Has Search Lost Its Luster?
Political Consultants: Campaigns Stay Clear Of Privacy Pitfalls
Marketing Funnel Lexicon: Bottom-Funnel Programs
Digital Ad Revs Soar, Display Sees 20% Growth
Mondelez Drinks The Mobile Tang: 10% To The Platform And A Big M-Deal With Google
Tumblr Loses Creative Director, Latest Employee To Exit After Yahoo Buy
Report: Google Ranks No. 1 In Media Revenues
Hearst Names Uden VP, Digital Marketing
Export Bing Ad Reports In Excel Format
180-Day-Old Emails Are Up For Grabs
Google Tips To Improve Bid Response In Ads
Tablets & Smartphones on the Path to Purchase
Beyond The Device: How Mobile Is Driving The Entire Campaign
Paid-Search Classification Rules To Test
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