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Friday, September 8, 2017
  • Google Changes AdWords Guidelines In Response To Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention

    Google created a new Analytics cookie and made changes to AdWords Terms & Conditions in response to Apple's implementation of its Intelligent Tracking Prevention ... Read the whole story

  • Google Creates Hurricane Irma Digital Survival Kit

    Google has pulled together about 20 mobile apps to help Floridians make it through the next 72 hours, as they wait for Hurricane Irma ... Read the whole story

  • Fashion Retailer Drops Trademark Battle With Google Over AdWords

    A New York-based fashion retailer that sued Google over alleged trademark infringement in search ads has withdrawn the complaint, court records reveal. Read the whole story

  • Facebook, Microsoft Create Model To Give Developers More Flexibility

    Currying favor with the AI developer community, Facebook and Microsoft are jointly offering a standard format for representing deep-learning models. Different frameworks offer different ... Read the whole story

  • IoT Revenue Projections Pass $1 Trillion

    There's clearly a lot of money in and around the Internet of Things, but some of the projections are getting rather stratospheric. The latest ... Read the whole story