Television News Daily Editions for April 2016
Television News Daily - Friday, April 29, 2016
Dumb Idea Of The Week: 'Match Game' With Alec Baldwin
Rovi Buys TiVo For $1B, Consolidates Personal TV Marketplace
It's Complicated: Playing The 'Girls' Card
Viacom Kicks Off First-Party Data Effort For Movie Studios
The Reality of Reality TV: Diversity Of Shows Needed To Survive
Outdoor Channel Seeks To Broaden Its Appeal This Upfront Season
Comcast Ups Data Caps To 1,000 GB
Viacom's U.S. Ad Revenues Sink 5%
Why Booming Ad Tech M&A Is Bad News For IPOs
Starz Reports Lower Financials, But Higher Stock Price
Making Ads More Human While Competing With Reality TV
Connectivity Fueling Tech Growth
IoT Viewed For Better TV Experience
Vevo Axes VevoTV, Launches Revamped Website
Television News Daily - Thursday, April 28, 2016
TV Or Not TV: Trump Was Natural Performer Long Before 'Apprentice'
NBCU Buys DreamWorks For $3.8 Billion
A Plan For Future Innovation? It's Worth Googling
Tegna Records Higher Political Ads, Retrans Revs
The Golden Age of Television Criticism?
Finance Company Kabbage Kicks Off First TV Campaign
Movie Studio For Sale -At Discount. Welcome To 'Premium' World Of Movies, TV
How Do The TV Guys Think About Programmatic?
The Reflection Of PewDiePie
Acura Celebrates '30 Years Young'
Television News Daily - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
What The Google Guy Said Last Week About Television
Comcast Sees Steady Q1 Gains, Reportedly Eyes DreamWorks
Will TV's New Superpowers Use Their Forces For Good Or Evil?
Turner To Premiere FilmStruck, VOD Streaming Service
Patience: New TV/Digital Currency Still Not Here
Google Urges FCC To Unlock Cable Boxes, Says New Privacy Laws Not Needed
Redd's Wicked Apple Amps Up The Testosterone
New Promotion For Young TV Viewers: You Need A Vibe
Three-Step Guide To Measuring TV's Cross-Channel Direct Response
CNN Prevails In Video Privacy Battle
Broadcast Content Key To OTT Provider Success
The Golden Age of Television Criticism?
Digital Engagement Index
Unskippable,Too: YouTube Touts New 6-Second Ad
Television News Daily - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Long National Nightmare Ends As Kelly Ripa Returns To 'Live!'
TV Dominates Digital Media In Average Minute Viewing, Usage
TV Business Targets Digital Viewership Claims With Proposed Measurement Standard
Legacy Measurement Will Ruin TV's Second Golden Age (And How To Save It)
FCC To Approve Charter Merger With Time Warner Cable And Bright House
Now Turner Plans A SVOD Digital Service, Too
Early National TV Ad Reading: Bigger Upfront Results?
Turner Partners With Canvs To Measure Branded Content
What's Fullscreen? For $4.99, Maybe Viewers Will Find Out
Coca-Cola's Hi-C Ecto To Return Along With 'Ghostbusters'
Dawn Of The Smombies
Television News Daily - Monday, April 25, 2016
Kelly And Michael In Good, Old-Fashioned Talent Drama
Cord-Cutting Hits Cable Nets Across The Board
More Streaming Devices Than Cable Boxes, Report Says
Early National TV Ad Reading: Bigger Upfront Results?
More Connected TV Devices In U.S. Homes Than Pay TV Set-Top Boxes
Netflix Wins 3 Peabody Awards, Amazon Gets One
Distributors, Networks Still Playing Dangerous 'Blink-First' Carriage Game
Nexstar's Yashi To Launch Integrated Local TV, Digital Ads
YouTube Faces Challenges In Quest For TV Ad Dollars
ANA Weighs In Against Plan To Unlock Cable Boxes
MasterCard, MLB Expand Partnership
'Equitable Optimization' In Broadcast Via Enhanced Data: A Test In Progress
Hershey's, Reese's Snack Mixes Launch First National Campaign
RNC Member Floats Idea Selling Convention Rights To TV Stations
Television News Daily - Friday, April 22, 2016
Hey, Mr. TV Columnist, What's Your Favorite Show?
Crackle Focuses On Fewer TV Spots In Original Series
MTV Adds 14 New Shows To Slate Since Atkins Became President
TV Slows Ad Gains, Digital Media Remains Strong
Trad TV Viewers Dip, Cable News Helps Slow Decline
Binge TV Viewing May Be Slowing Down
Google Wants In On The Linear And Addressable TV Market
Who Needs VR Glasses? Images Floating In Front Of Our Faces Could Be Next
Will The 'Open' Set-Top Box Break The TV Ad Bundle?
Television News Daily - Thursday, April 21, 2016
'Forensic Files' And 'The First 48' Are TV's Hard-Boiled Champions
'Break-Free Advertising' Initiative Is Centerpiece Of Crackle's Upfront Push
Obama Thinks Outside the Box
Digital Relaunch Takes Center Stage At BET Upfront
Your Future TV Networks Already Have Your Credit Card Number
Nielsen Revenues Hit $1.5B
People See Privacy Threat From 'Unlocked' Cable Boxes, Critics Claim
Google Digs Into Addressable TV, Serves Listing In Search Results
For YouTube, The Future Looks Virtual
Ghostery Wants To Bring Ad-Blocking Technology To Broadband Providers
Google Wants In On The Linear And Addressable TV Market
Television News Daily - Wednesday, April 20, 2016
New 'Late Show' Boss Raises Question: What's Wrong With Colbert?
March Sadness: TV Ad Rates Plummet, Send Weak Signal For Upfront Demand
Dish Q1 Earnings Beat Estimates, Stock Price Down
Coca-Cola Unveils Global 'One Brand' Packaging
GroupM's Modi and Medicx Team To Better Target Health Messages Via Addressable TV
ANA Finds 'Brand Activation' Approaching 60% Of Marketer Budgets, Eclipses Advertising
Digital Engagement Index
Google Claims YouTube Ads Are More Effective Than TV
Your TV Idea Or Mine? Take A Stairway To Heaven To Find Out
Addressable Media: Gaining Clarity On Ways To Reduce Wasted Reach
Television News Daily - Tuesday, April 19, 2016
In CW's 'Containment,' The Walking Dead Have A Deadly Flu
National TV Ad Loads Stable, Fox, Scripps, Viacom Record Slight Dip
Netflix Shares Plunge On Q2 Prospects Even As Q1 Beats Expectations
Disney-ABC To Speed Up Local TV Digital Adoption For Affiliates
Easy NBA Layup: More Brand Entertainment Screen Time For Live Sports
Scripps' Newsy Grabs A NewFronts Spot
Conviva's New Tool Tackles Ad Fatigue
AT&T AdWorks Kicks Off Addressable Campaign
Time To Admit Second Screening Is A Myth?
New OTT Services Raise TV Viewership
Wyndham Rewards Partners With Six Flags
Second Screening Only Happens During Boring Shows, Research Finds
Television News Daily - Monday, April 18, 2016
Taut British Thriller 'The Night Manager' Comes To AMC
Wall St. Remains Bullish On Upfronts, Touts Network TV 'Value'
NBA Scores Big TV Ad Gains
New Amazon Prime Monthly Sub Aims At Netflix
'Team Chobani' Suits Up For Rio Olympics
TV Ad Spending Shows Signs Of Strength
What's Holding Back OTT's Promise As An Advertising Platform?
Netflix Poised To Become Biggest TV Network? Who's Really Worried
Live! It's In-Your-Face Marketing!
Roku Voices Concern About Charter Merger
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