• 2021 Search Agency of the Year: NP Digital
    During one of the most chaotic years in recent history, NP Digital stayed one step ahead in the percentage of growth and the way it supports a variety of brands.
  • 2021 Media Supplier of the Year: NewsGuard
    By working with agencies to use its ratings as part of "inclusion" lists, NewsGuard has helped redirect ad budgets from nefarious publishers into ones that are truly serving their communities.
  • 2021 Media Agency of the Year: Wavemaker
    Wavemaker has demonstrated the best creativity in how it is applying the art and science of data. The core of that creativity is centered in a Wavemaker unit called MIS -- meaning "marketing intelligence & science."
  • 2021 Holding Company of the Year: GroupM
    Like the year before it, 2021 was a year of multiple transformations for society-at-large, and for the advertising, marketing and media industries within it. It also accelerated a trend that has been manifesting for years, but which gained real traction in the past year, because of the multiple crises the industry has had to grapple with - including a global pandemic, the "Great Resignation," media toxicity, social justice, and our ability to sustain human life on planet Earth.
  • 2021 Independent Agency of the Year: USIM
    USIM worked with Roku to help solve the problem of generating foot traffic during the pandemic by providing a new ecommerce strategy to offset the reluctance of consumers in the market to return to in-person shopping.
  • 2021 Creative Agency of the Year: Empower
    Over the past year Cincinnati-based agency Empower rolled out a new customer journey platform called EMerge. It's a strategic framework for planning, creation and activation that enables the agency to combine and analyze first- and third-party data, primary research, syndicated research, and data from search, social and web analytics.
  • 2021 Executive of the Year: Ben Downing
    In late 2021, Havas New York changed its certification from a B Lab to a B Corporation. The difference is that a B Lab aims to transform the global economy to benefit all people. A few months prior to that decision, Havas Media Group announced a new role overseeing "ethical media" and the company named Ben Downing to run it.
  • 2021 Client of the Year: Apple
    In media, the term "client" can mean two things. We awarded Apple for both of them.
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