Hashtag, You're It!

Goodbye May, hello June! MediaPost is welcoming you to one of the busiest June's ever with some of our best shows. And right about now you're going to want to know some info bits to keep you rocking and rolling before, during, and after the events. Lucky for you, we try to stick our fingers in a lot of pudding so you can find a variety of ways to share your thoughts and photos.

We know a lot of you are on Twitter, so in addition to following for official event announcements (agenda reminders, lunch excitement), you should use the official hashtags we've created for each event so its easier for you to identify who else is tweeting at the event and jump in on conversations about event topics. Don't let the word scare you, it's just a little word snippet that denotes a conversation thread or common topic - in this case, it's saying "hey, this tweet has to do with [event name]!"

We also know more of you than will admit it are on Facebook. Which is why we created a MediaPost Facebook fan page for you to start discussions over 140 characters with other fans who are attending our shows. You know what? Even if they're not at the shows, people will no doubt have opinions to share - this industry is anything but shy! You can share your photos on the page as well and tag everyone up.

Are you on Flickr? Sweet, we've created Flickr groups for you to add your photos to just in case you like to keep your facebook self on the downlow. Flickr has tons of tagging and sharing tools as well, so hop on in.

And away we go:

OMMA Metrics and Measurement: June 9, 2009 Register: Measure this! Hashtag: #OMMAM&M Flickr group:

OMMA Video: June 16, 2009 Register: I'm recording this.. Hashtag: #OMMAvideo Flickr group:

OMMA Publish: June 17, 2009 Register: I publish EVERYTHING! Hashtag: #OMMAPub Flickr group:

OMMA Social: June 23, 2009 Register: Sign me up, I'm social! Hashtag: #OMMASocial Flickr group:

See you there!

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