Nielsen Study Touts Mall Ad Effectiveness

Adspace Mall Network While retailers are hoping that shoppers will begin returning to stores as the economy improves, mall media networks are hoping to attract more ad dollars with a raft of new research demonstrating their effectiveness.

The recent wave of positive data includes custom studies by Nielsen and Arbitron for mall media networks AdSpace, Akoo and EyeCorp.

AdSpace published the findings of a custom study by Nielsen Media Research showing that the proportion of mall shoppers who noticed AdSpace's Smart Screen displays increased from 47% in 2007 to 65% this year.

AdSpace, which operates large flat-screen displays in malls with about 100 million visitors per month, attributed the increase to more engaging editorial content based on consumer research and the switch to HD content, which generally delivers more vivid, eye-catching colors.



The Nielsen study, which conformed with the measurement guidelines formulated by the Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau, also found increasing awareness of commercials on the AdSpace network. The number of visitors who noticed advertising from clients like Sony Pictures and Estee Lauder increased 44% in 2009 compared to 2007.

As noted, the AdSpace study is just the latest in a spate of new research initiatives from mall media. Akoo, which operates a DO music video-on-demand network reaching malls and college campuses, recently announced a new measurement deal with Arbitron for audience estimates.

Another major mall ad network, Eye Corp., recently completed a shopper profile study with Arbitron, which revealed that 66% of shoppers noticed Eye Corp.'s displays. Eye Corp. is combining this proprietary data with subscriptions to syndicated category and audience data sets and single-source information for advertisers.


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