Top 10 March Madness Cities

  • by March 22, 2010
These cities carry the highest percentage of residents who are likely to watch the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

1. Washington, D.C. Hometown of No. 3 seed Georgetown and No. 4 seed U of Maryland.

2. Richmond-Petersburg, Va. Even though VCU didn't make the cut, U of Richmond elbowed its way into the tournament as a No. 7 seed.

3. Baltimore Home to No. 15 seed Morgan State and next door to No 4 seed UM.

4. Norfolk-Portsmouth-Newport News, Va. Norfolk's own Old Dominion is an 11 seed team this year.

5. Detroit No. 14 seeded Oakland U lies within its borders and No. 5 seeded MSU is just next door in Lansing.

6. San Diego, Calif. San Diego State is a No. 11 seed in the Big Dance.

7. Baton Rouge, La. LSU's Tigers didn't make it this year, but they made it to the Final Four in 2006 and the enthusiasm for the game hasn't left town.



8. Denver A number of colleges and universities are located within the Denver DMA.

9. Chicago While no Chicago-area schools will be competing in this year's NCAA tournament, No. 6 seed Marquette is just a short drive up I-94 and plenty of fans of No. 4 seed Wisconsin call Chicago home.

10. Atlanta Georgia Tech is a No. 10 seed and the Atlanta DMA rounds out the No. 10 spot on our list. Coincidence?

Source: Simmons Experian

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