Behavioral Targeting: Peer39 Says It's A Matter Of Semantics

Semantic data has become the key to precise targeting. That's a good thing for Peer39, which specializes in this service. The company on Wednesday announced a partnership with sell-side platform AdMeld that will enable the latter's clients -- the likes of, AccuWeather, Discovery Communications, FOX News, Hearst Television, and IAC -- to analyze ad impressions against semantic data sets on the fly.

The deal provides AdMeld's partners -- ad networks, exchanges and infrastructure partners -- with insights through semantic data, targeting audiences they might not have identified in the past. Peer39 President and Founder Amiad Solomon says his company focuses on every piece of content on Web pages attached to URLs across the Internet to understand the meaning of the content, rather than the keywords on the page.

The learning gets applied to targeting ads in real time. Peer39's deal with AdMeld creates a perfect partnership, Solomon says, because it attracts publishers to bring in impressions that advertisers bid on. "Large publishers use the data from our platform for their own internal business," he says. "The platform can take a news article and understand the content. It takes that signal to serve up ads that complement the article."



Peer39 integrated its system into AdMeld's platform. Every time Admeld's technology recognizes a new URL, a call for an ad gets called and sent to Peer39's servers to serve up an advertisement in real time. The benefits to publishers include greater use of content to run ads based on semantic matching, which increases revenue.

Peer39 also believes it provides performance lift of up to 200% for advertisers based on enhanced semantic targeting of the ad with the content, and real-time solutions based on technology that can process 1,000 URLs per second, targeting more than 30 billion ads per month.

That volume of ad targeting opportunities created the biggest challenge when it came to integrating Peer39's system into AdMeld's. "It's one thing to integrate with a publisher, but when you start integrating with a platform that has north of 20 billion ad impressions per months, it gets exciting," Solomon says.

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