TV Land Gets 'Hot' Behind The Cameras

Leading up to the second-season premiere, TV Land will offer a behind-the-scenes special of breakout comedy "Hot in Cleveland" later this month.

The hour-long show will feature series stars, including Betty White and Valerie Bertinelli, as it recounts some of the comedic highlights of the first season from a different vantage point.

Airing Dec. 12, "Behind the Hotness" will run an hour. Season two of the series -- which has benefited from a new Betty White fascination -- debuts Jan. 19.

In July, TV Land said it would produce 20 new episodes this fall heading into 2011. The series is TV Land's first original sitcom. And with White attached, it set a network record last summer with 4.75 million viewers for its premiere episode.

The special will have footage of bloopers, interviews with the stars and clips of guest stars, such as Huey Lewis and Joe Jonas. And it will offer a preview of next season.

TV Land president Larry Jones stated the special's aim is to offer insight into the stars' "experience working together and their immediate family-like chemistry on screen and off."

The show focuses on three best friends whose plane, which is headed to Paris, has to stop in Cleveland. They opt to start new lives there, where the former Californians discover they are hot stuff and wind up renting a house from White's eccentric character.



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