Zipcar Expands To 36 Universities

  • October 25, 2011

Zipcar, Inc. has expanded to 36 additional college and university campuses this fall, which will put the car sharing brand in 250 college and university campuses across North America.

Said Scott Griffith, chairman and CEO of Zipcar.  "When combined with last week's launch of our 'Reserve a Zipcar' Facebook app and the recent updates to our iPhone and Android apps, we believe we're well positioned to serve this important consumer group within the car sharing market."

Zipcar also recently signed a two-year deal with Ford, wherein the latter will add 1,000 Focus and Escape vehicles to Zipcar's existing University fleet, providing discounts of $10 off the membership fee up to 100,000 new members, as well as $1 off the hourly rate on all Ford vehicles on campus for up to one million hours.

As part of the alliance, Zipcar and Ford also launched the new "Students with Drive" grant program that will provide student organizations across the country with $300,000 in Zipcar memberships and driving hours to help them accomplish their missions and work in their local communities.




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