USA Basketball Gets New Logo

  • February 24, 2012

USA Basketball has unveiled a new logo that will be worn by all USA Basketball teams including the men’s and women’s national teams at the London Games this summer.  The new logo combines components from the past into "a modern, simplified mark honoring the strong heritage and national pride represented by USA Basketball," says the organization.

USA Basketball’s new logo incorporates the existing USA type into a badge-shaped mark which reflects the honor of playing for the United States of America’s national team.  Also featured is a basketball, a nod to the original Amateur Basketball Association of the United States of America (ABAUSA), and a single star, symbolizing players from all over the country coming together as one team with a common goal.

The new mark will be the third to represent the U.S. national basketball program.  The original logo was used by ABAUSA and featured a red, white and blue basketball.  The most recent logo, which was adopted in 1989 and has become synonymous with the 1992 Dream Team, will remain within the USA Basketball portfolio as a "heritage" mark, and will appear when milestones and anniversaries of past success are recognized.

The USA Basketball men's and women's national teams will wear new NIKE Hyper Elite uniforms during competition in 2012.  Combining NIKE’s lightest, most technologically advanced textiles with iconic graphics, the Nike Hyper Elite basketball uniform helps boost players’ performance and communicates the pride of USA Basketball.    



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