Telecom Sector Posts Top Ad Growth In 2012

Nielsen data shows the telecom sector saw the highest growth in global ad spending for the first nine months of 2012 at over 6.5%, followed by the media category at a little over 6%. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and automotive each grew at a 6% rate.

FMCG -- which accounts for about a quarter of all ad dollars -- grew most in the third quarter and was up about 10%, helped by the food and drink sectors. More broadly, the Middle East and Africa saw a 41% growth in FCMG over the first nine months last year.

All 11 categories that Nielsen tracked grew over the first nine months in 2012 -- except for health care, which had a 0.4% drop, and durables, which fell 3.5%. 

Over that period, FCMG accounted for the largest share of the spending pie, followed by entertainment at 11.1%, industry and services at 11.2% and health care at 9.9%. The auto category accounted for 8%.






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