When An Irresistible Force Meets An Immovable Object

In the boxing ring of TV are two fighters. In the near corner is “Irresistible Force,” a fighter known for a granular understanding of audience behaviors through data. He can punch far above his weight when it comes to understanding what audiences watch on TV.

In the far corner is “Immovable Object” -- also known as Status Quo. His powerful contextual physique throws inertia-laden punches, leaving opponents wondering how he is still standing in the ring after all these years.

This is not the first time these two titans have met. In recent memory, forces such as Google and Microsoft have laced up their data and logic gloves to knock out Immovable Object and its old-school tactics. But Immovable Object’s contextual star-packed punches were too much for Irresistible Force, and it went down hard.

In the latest rematch, Irresistible Force is ready. Having armed both the buy and sell side with better, faster and bigger data, it’s coming out swinging to show TV can be further optimized  to improve results for advertisers.  It knows the future is audience-driven.

Immovable Object, with its proven approach, readies for an easy match. It built the tracks upon which audiences have been reached and made aware. It is comfortable with the fact that TV is already optimized. Although it is driven by the fear of missing out on the next big hit, it is comforted to know its pricing can’t be beat.
Ding goes the bell. Irresistible Force comes out dancing. Immovable Object waits for the first punch. Data dances some more, this time with breadth and granularity. Immovable Object waits, thinking to itself, “I already reach the audiences I need. I already have data. I keep pricing consistent and context front and center. I will not throw the first punch and disrupt myself!”

Irresistible Force waits for his opening. He knows Immovable Object is a legend and knows the tricks of the trade. But he knows somewhere deep inside his opponent, fundamental logic once lived and thrived. He knows that with repetitive data jabs, Immovable Object will be forced to reckon with the new power of data-driven TV through the prism of business outcomes.



At the judging table sit Reach, Resonance and Reaction, representing over 4,000 different advertisers who spend ~$74 billion a year on the sport. The judges know Audience is a busy fragmented group and enjoy other sports besides the gentlemen’s sport of boxing. But they also know TV moves their needles faster and cheaper than any other sport.

Who has the courage and grit to win the match?  Will there be a KO, or will the judges need to step in and decide?

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