Canadians Online Faster

Canadians Online Faster

A recent study from NFO CFgroup reports that as of April 2002, 46% of online households in Canada are making high-speed connections. The survey also determined that while most people use the internet for e-mail and research, there are still many who download music files and videos online.

Percent of Online Households in Canada with High Speed Connections

  • July 2001 - 34%
  • April 2002 - 46%
Percent of Canadian Home Internet Users Making Dial-Up Connections
  • July 2001 - 54%
  • April 2002 - 44%
Popular Online Activities In Canada, April 2002
  • Sending and receiving e-mail - 97%
  • Doing research - 82%
  • Reading news - 67%
  • Downloading music - 40%
  • Downloading videos - 20%
Source: NFO CFgroup, May 2002

To put the NFO CFgroup percentages into greater perspective, in its latest North America Online Report, IDC estimates that there will be 23.7 million users in the country by 2004, while eMarketer believes the number will be closer to 19 million.

Estimates of Internet Users in Canada (millions)

Computer Industry Almanac13.1
Jupiter Media Metrix12.014.2
Source: emarketer & as noted

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