Mobile TV Watching Rises For Older Viewers

That mobile video viewing is growing rapidly seems a given.  But by how much is up for debate. Figures and reports can vary widely, and studies should always be taken with a grain of salt -- or a handful, in some cases.

With those caveats in mind, Arris’ just-released report on worldwide consumer video behavior reveals some key findings that are worth a second look, especially considering the scope of the survey. The telecom equipment company surveyed 19,000 consumers in 19 countries on their entertainment habits, and found that the consumption of mobile TV has risen, from 9% of respondents in 2014, to 15% of consumers viewing mobile video daily in 2015. Overall, about 60% of people now watch TV on their mobile devices at some point when they are away from home.

The most popular place to watch mobile devices outside of the home is while on public transportation, followed by while waiting to meet someone, and then while in a car (let’s hope as the passenger!).

Also of note, the number of consumers who never watch TV on a mobile device dropped to 41% this year from 48% a year ago, indicating that more consumers are indeed becoming mobile video viewers.

Not surprisingly, mobile viewing is popular among younger consumers, but it is also rising quickly in older age groups. Mobile TV viewing grew the most in the 65+ age group, with an 11% rise for this cross-section of consumers. This finding seems to underscore the growing acceptance of mobile TV viewing.

This year, about 21% of those ages 25 to 34 worldwide watch mobile TV away from home, up from 14% a year ago.

The study also revealed that online TV is a popular bedroom activity. Consumers around the globe upped their intake of streaming-subscription video-viewing in the bedroom by 13% more than last year. The exceptions to this upswing were the United States, Australia, China and Singapore.

As online streaming grows, research firm Hub Research found that the average multichannel video customer also uses two online video services. In addition, about 40% of viewers from 16 to 24 now say that Netflix is their “home base” for TV viewing.

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