Levy Serves As Interim 'Village Voice' EIC

The Village Voice has tapped Joe Levy to fill in as interim editor-in-chief after Will Bourne was let go earlier this month.

Up until now, managing editor Meave Gallagher was holding the role, while the Voice conducted its search for a more permanent replacement.

However, it seems the Voice thought it was better to hire another interim editor in the meantime. The publication said it is not rushing the search process but is meeting with candidates for the role.

“We appreciate Joe coming on board to help while we look for a new EIC,” Village Voice owner Peter Barbey stated.

The Village Voice would presumably have to find an editor before its big relaunch planned for 2017.



Levy is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and will remain so while he steps in at The Village Voice. He previously served as editor at Billboard, as well as chief content officer at Maxim, according to LinkedIn.

Bourne was fired just eight months after Barbey brought him back to the publication. Bourne was editor of the Voice in 2013, but left the newspaper after six months, when he refused to lay off employees.

When Bourne took over, he was the sixth editor-in-chief of The Village Voice since 2005.

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