Richmond Agency Barber Martin Moves to New Digs

Richmond ad agency Barber Martin has been in the same office space for 24 years. That's like a century in ad agency time. Well after all those years, the agency has decided it needs more space and has taken

up residence in the city's Scott's Addition.

The agency will occupy 10,000 feet of space and, yes, will go with the questionably efficient open office concept. The agency says the move will improve collaboration and allow for the hiring of 20 more

Of the move, Barber Martin CEO Robyn Zacharias said, “After 24 years of being divided, this allows us to come together as one agency and actually collaborate in a true sense. To me, Scott’s Addition is the epitome of a renewed energy and revitalization and new life coming to a historic area, and that’s Barber Martin.”

Zacharias added, “We are essentially a 30-year-old agency, and we’re taking the essence and the core of who we are and what we do well and embracing this change with energy, new talent and youth.”

In true agency form, the space will be renovated industrial space garnering that much sought after agency vibe.




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