Salesforce Is Most Used Email Service Provider For Marketers, Report Says

Salesforce is the most used email service provider, according to new data from Litmus.

In Litmus’ 2017 State of Email Workflows report, the email testing service polled more than 3,500 marketers to evaluate the most popular services that email marketers use to design and send their email campaigns. The results suggest that Salesforce is the dominant email service provider in the market.

Almost 28% of marketers polled by Litmus said they currently use Salesforce to send marketing emails -- making it the most popular ESP selected in the study, followed by 24.8% of marketers who use MailChimp to send emails and 14.7% of respondents who use Oracle. IBM and Marketo rounded out the top five most-used email service providers, followed by Campaign Monitor and Constant Contact.

The majority of marketers only use one email service provider to send email, but 27.6% use two platforms, 10.9% use three, and 7.5% of respondents use four or more email service providers to send emails.

At any given time, marketers typically have an average of 9.7 emails in production according to the report. Brands with more than 500 employees understandably  have expanded production capabilities, and typically have an average of 13.2 emails in production at any given time.

Although smaller companies have smaller production teams, the rate at which they complete email designs is significantly faster. Marketers spend an average of two weeks producing an email, but companies with 500 or more employees spend 47% more time on their emails than smaller companies. 

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