'The Economist' Runs First TV Brand Ad In Over A Decade

Set to run on TV stations across the U.S. and the U.K., The Economist’s upcoming “Never Stop Questioning” ad campaign will include a brand spot and a direct-response commercial broadcast on major networks, including CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and News 12 in the U.S. 

This is the magazine's first brand ad to run in a decade.

The U.K.’s Proximity London developed the ad’s concept.

The theme of the campaign is intended to urge watchers and readers to embrace the value of scrutinizing the world around them, and rejecting complacency.

The ad follows the life of a young, curious girl. Asking questions from early childhood that become increasingly more complex as she ages, the woman in the ad gains a deeper understanding of the world around her and ultimately achieves greater personal and professional satisfaction.

"We have made a strategic investment to talk with our target audience in a way that reinforces a more emotional connection to our brand," stated Mark Cripps, Chief Marketing Officer for The Economist.



“Our readers never stop questioning the world around them, and we believe this campaign will attract a similar audience and encourage them to learn more about The Economist."

The outlet plans to use the new TV ad to improve brand saliency measures and cement product affinity, while also driving subscriptions. Recently, The Economist has successfully leveraged direct response ads to drive subscribers in other TV spots.

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