'Washington Post' To Launch Gaming, Esports Section

The Washington Postis set to debut a new section called “Launcher,” dedicated to video gaming, esports and gaming culture.

“Launcher” begins October 15.

Geico has been tapped as its exclusive sponsor.

“Gaming has become deeply ingrained in our social fabric, significantly impacting industries across sports, tech, business and pop culture, and we are uniquely positioned to cover this burgeoning industry,” said Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, managing editor for WaPo.

“Launcher” examines the ever-expanding gaming and esports industries via an analysis of the people, companies, teams and trends.

A dedicated staff leads the section and plans to make coverage “appealing to the casual player and avid esports fan alike.”



Mike Hume will edit “Launcher” and lead a staff of reporters, editors, a video producer and art director.

Some upcoming stories readers can expect to see in “Launcher” include long-form stories focused on influential voices and events propelling gaming’s popularity, updates on gaming trends, like streaming and in-game economics, and expansive coverage of competitive gaming’s top leagues and events.

“Launcher” will also feature reviews of new gaming products and titles, with a special focus on indie offerings.

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