Bauer To Publish Spring Edition Of Walmart's 'Whoa, Wait.'

A new edition of a Bauer Media-produced, Walmart-focused shopping magazine founded by two bloggers will hit the store’s racks on February 2.

The magazine, called whoa, wait., was spun off from the blog “Whoa, wait. Walmart?” founded by friends Bethany Halford and Amanda Jerkins.

The two bloggers find and share “cool Walmart finds,” according to their website, such as clothes, home decor and food products. Their Instagram account now has over 315,000 followers. The magazine is shoppable, meaning certain whoa, wait. pages feature QR codes for readers to scan to buy Halford and Jerkins' picks from their phones.



Bauer Media produces the quarterly magazine whoa, wait. The first edition launched in September for fall-winter. The spring edition releases next week, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. (Halford is from Arkansas.)

Whoa, wait. is produced independently of Walmart Inc., though the ads in the magazine are for products sold at Walmart and all content centers around the store's merchandise. The magazine is only sold at Walmart.

It contains fashion, home decor and beauty content, with tips on parenting, marriage and religion.

Eric Szegda, Bauer Media USA's executive vice president of consumer revenue, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: "Bauer saw an opportunity to develop and provide a unique product for a passionate audience in partnership with a spectacularly creative duo who have a track record of successfully engaging that same audience." He adds Bauer produces the best-selling magazine at Walmart, Woman's World.

The whoa, wait. magazine costs $9.99 per issue.

Bauer plans to also produce summer, fall and holiday editions, too.

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