Cost Of The White House - And Other Googled President's Day Trivia

Zillow in 2017 estimated the White House's value at $397.9 million. The total cost to build it is estimated at $232,372.

Presidents' Day falls on this Monday, in case you’re not paying attention and have been wrapped up in news about Trump’s impeachment trial, COVID-19, or that China’s officials pulled the plug on BBC World News, banning it from airing in the country.

To celebrate Presidents' Day in the U.S. and drive traffic to its website, U.K.-based Online commissioned and analyzed global search volume data from online analytics tool Ahrefs to discover the most Googled questions about the White House.

The most-asked questions on Google are:

  • Where is the White House?  -- 134,400 searches
  • When was the White House built? -- 103,200 searches  (October 13, 1792)
  • How many rooms in the White House? -- 85,200 searches  (132)
  • How many bathrooms in the White House? -- 14,400 searches  (between 32 and 35)
  • How many floors in the White House? -- 4,800 searches  (Six)
  • Who designed the White House? -- 70,800 searches  (James Hoban)
  • First President to live in the White House? -- 32,400 searches  (John Adams)



Despite George Washington selecting the location and architect (Irish-born James Hoban) for the White House, Adams became the first-ever American President to oversee the White House.

“Who owns the White House?” came in at No. 9. The question is Googled on about 5,400 occasions a year. The White House is owned by the National Park service and Biden has likely already received $100,000 -- unless he declined -- to put toward redecorating the White House the way he and his family pleases.

Melania Trump renovated the White House Rose Garden, preserving the iconic space designed by horticulturalist Bunny Mellon during the Kennedy years. The goal was to return the gardens to the way they were in 1962, when President John F. Kennedy enlisted Mellon to design a ceremonial garden for the White House.

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