SparkPost-Litmus Integration Aims For Toggle-Free Email Creation

An integration that brings together the Litmus Enterprise platform and SparkPost’s Design Tracker solution could help email marketers improve engagement and build efficiency; the companies say.

The arrangement, announced on Tuesday, is designed to help brands “focus on content and experience, and less on the editing and formatting frustrations that come from trying to use multiple tools for a single piece of content,” states Chris Adams, vice president of product at SparkPost. 

“Having to toggle between applications to design a single email marketing campaign is not only tedious and inefficient, but it ultimately negatively affects how seamless the end user experience should be,” Adams says. 

The Litmus platform facilities email creation regardless of coding abilities. In addition, it allows email marketers to review and approve emails in a centralized location. 

Moreover, Litmus automates pre-send testing of the elements that affect email performance.

“Every minute matters when it comes to creating emails that not only reach the inbox but also provides the best experience for every subscriber,” states Rich Yu, senior vice president of product of Litmus.

The integration is an expansion of the working partnership between the firms.





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