Ad Shop Instrument To Dedicate $3 Million In Services To Underserved Communities

Instrument is launching Build.Serve.Grow, a three-pillar program that will dedicate $3 million in services and support over the next three years to Black and underrepresented communities.

Each of the three prongs serve as a framework. The “Build” part of the initiative volunteers 4,000 hours for cost-free design, strategy, and development work in 2021 to support nonprofit organizations focused on the amplification of Black voices and fighting systemic racism.

The “Serve” element enables agency staff to take 16 hours of paid time annually to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choosing. Collectively, Instrument has contributed 4,800 hours so far.

The “Grow” portion of the program is a commitment to match all donations made by employees.

Last year, Instrument donated $140,000 to 50 organizations. This pillar, however, is not strictly concentrated on Black and underrepresented non-profits. The agency develops donation campaigns throughout the year, such as MLK Day, Pride and Indigenous Peoples Day, to help employees find charity organizations.



In the past, Instrument has donated its talents to partner with OpenSignal, Kairos, Pitch Black, Benson High School and Design Portland, among others.

“This all starts with a culture of support and building up the communities around us,” said JD Hooge, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director, Instrument. “We have witnessed a seismic shift in our community in relation to diversity and inclusion and want to continue supporting that movement in order to create a more inclusive and equitable community.”

Instrument’s first pro bono projects will start this spring to be completed by the end of the year.

The Portland, OR-based agency also has offices in New York.


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