Texas-Style: Bakery Campaign Gives Tall Tails Seltzer A Sassy Twist

Shiner beer is launching Tall Tails, a new product in the hard-seltzer category, which offers lower calories and carbs.

Tall Tails is being distributed at retail as a mixed 12-pack of all-natural, cocktail-inspired hard seltzers. The four new flavors are: Ruby Red Paloma, Watermelon Margarita, Texas Mule and Mexican Martini.

The company’s agency of record, Austin-based Bakery, is responsible for the creative, which kicks off in April. The digital campaign, which features 15, 30 and 60-second spots, will run on various platforms, including YouTube and Hulu.

While the category is usually pitched for its health aspects, Shiner is adding more variety and sassier flavors. That answers consumer demand, which is now focused on the entertainment and social aspects of the beverage. Today’s trends veer toward cocktail recipes to attract hard-seltzer drinkers.



Bakery, which is located close to the Spoetzl Brewery, has made Texas-inspired cocktails part of the campaign.

That sensibility is evident in both the package design and the new video/TV creative.

Shiner CMO Matt Pechman and his team at Bakery say drawing inspiration from the cultural singularity of Texas will differentiate Tall Tails in the hard-seltzer category.  

“We pulled from local folklore, mythology and cryptozoology to influence the branding and flavor recipes behind Tall Tails. Each cocktail varietal has a 'tall tale' original story that inspired it. As with most Texas legends, the details might not be entirely accurate,” Rodrigo Rothschild, creative director, Bakery, told Agency Daily. “But they make for good yarn!”


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