WPP's CMI Media Group Unveils 'Inclusive' Center Of Excellence Aimed At Healthcare Audiences

WPP healthcare media specialist CMI Media Group Tuesday unveiled an "Inclusive Media Center of Excellence" designed to be "a catalyst for change, strategically driving investment in underserved audiences, providing equitable coverage and access to information to support their healthcare journeys."

The center, which is dedicated to healthcare, has been in development for more than two years, and is aimed at all healthcare media audiences, including patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

The agency said the center includes "audience intelligence," message resonation," "partner selection," as well as "pull-through via an omnichannel approach." 

“Healthcare media deserves a more human campaign,” CMI Chief Media & Innovation Officer Justin Freid said in a statement announcing the center. “There is criticality to reaching audiences in the way they want to be reached. Marketing methods of reaching people are more advanced than ever, and the approach and messaging needs to likewise evolve to be inclusive of individuals’ cultures and preferences. We are having intention-based strategic conversations with clients where inclusivity is a main point, not an afterthought.”



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