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Real Kids Say Real (Silly) Things In Lysol's School-Support Initiative

Now that kids are going back to school, they’re back to being their usual social selves.

At least in the latest campaign from Lysol.

The disinfectant sprays and wipes brand brought together California youngsters to star in a series of in-school videos created by the Momentum agency titled “Little Big Talk." And—per the iconic television series—kids do say the darndest things.

Asked to explain how they are different from other kids, one girl says “I’m different from other kids in school because I’m ridiculous…my friends just don’t understand” -- as one of her classmates cracks up.

A boy points to a mole on his upper lip and shares this advice: “My mom always taught me to say when somebody asks, ‘that’s my beauty mole, baby.’”



The videos were shot using kids from local schools in California, according to Whitney Braddock, senior brand manager for Lysol Equity.

“They’re not actors. One of my favorite moments is when you see them react to each other’s responses,” Braddock tells Marketing Daily.

The campaign’s roots stem from 2019 and Lysol’s HERE For Healthy Schools initiative—which was driven by “the fact that so many children miss school because of illness—mostly colds and flu.”

Then came the pandemic and children losing out on in-school learning and socializing.

“In talking to parents, they talked about how they were really excited for kids to be able to go back to school and just be kids again,” adds Braddock.

Lysol announced today that television actress, graphic designer and mom Catherine Lowe has become a partner in the HERE For Healthy Schools initiative.

As explained in this spot, Lysol is donating 28 million packs of wipes to the Kids In Need Foundation, which disperses them through its network of mostly Title 1 schools in needy communities.

Another 14 million packs will be donated to the Frontline Impact Project.

“They help us connect with individuals as well. So you can go to their website to sign up and say ‘I’m a teacher and I need wipes.’”

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