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2 Ways AI is Changing Advertising Now

In November 2022, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, which threatened to change advertising forever.  Here are some ways it could:

“Prompting” will become a marketer’s most valuable skill. AI is a tool that is much more useful when it is given the right data. As Matteo Pittaluga wrote in Forbes:“[If] an AI model is trained to recognize images of cats, it will perform better if it is given a large data set of images of cats to learn from, rather than a small data set of mixed images. Similarly, if an AI model is used for marketing, it will perform better if it is given accurate data about the target audience, such as their pain points, preferences and behaviors.” In other words, a marketer’s job shifts from coming up with ideas, to defining the premise of what should occur in an ad.

It will revolutionize content creation.AsChristopher Penn, chief data scientist at, notes in MarTech, AI is good for restructuring content: “As I’m driving around taking my kids to stuff, I will record voice memos and have [ChatGPT] transcribe them. And we all know that what comes out in transcription is not print ready. But we can take that, feed it into the model and say transform this into copy appropriate for an article. Again, it preserves your voice, it preserves your facts, it preserves your point of view… So it’s a very easy way to generate a lot of content for things like newsletters or whatever. And… that’s where these tools really shine.”



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