NAI Privacy Code To Be Integrated Into Compliance Tool

Compliance company SafeGuard Privacy will soon integrate into its platform the Network Advertising Initiative's self-regulatory privacy code, the company and organization announced Monday.

SafeGuard Privacy offers interactive surveys that help businesses determine whether they comply with various privacy laws or, in the case of the Network Advertising Initiative, industry standards.

All members of the Network Advertising Initiative will have access to a section of the SafeGuard Privacy's portal that will be dedicated to the self-regulatory organization's code of conduct. The deal is expected to go live later this year.

“We're embracing new and smart technology to help our members meet their obligations,” Network Advertising Initiative president and CEO Leigh Freund says.

The organization currently has more than 100 members -- including Google, Quantcast and The Trade Desk -- that serve third-party ads.

She adds that the arrangement between the Network Advertising Initiative and SafeGuard Privacy will help the organization to align better with state laws, and will eventually enable industry-level analysis.

To date, six states have passed comprehensive privacy laws -- California, Colorado, Utah, Virginia, Iowa and Connecticut. But the details of those measures vary from state to state.

For instance, Connecticut's law requires companies to allow residents to opt out of online ad targeting, and also requires companies to honor universal opt-out requests -- like those sent through browser signals like the “Global Privacy Control.”

Iowa's newly enacted law, by contrast, doesn't require companies to let people opt out of pseudonymous online ad targeting.

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