YouTube Adds Podcasts Tab To Channel Pages

YouTube has added a “Podcasts” tab to its Channel pages. 

Now available globally, the tab appears between “Live” and “Playlists,” 9to5Google reports. 

Clicking on the tab will bring the user to popular podcast playlists   

Fans are still waiting for podcasts to roll out in the U.S. to YouTube Music, 9to5Google writes. Support for YouTube Music is still being tested.  

In the meantime, the new tab shows playlists “that have been marked as podcasts by YouTube Creators,” it adds. Previously, users had to manually search for the podcasts they wanted to hear. 

“YouTube Music integration will allow users to listen to their favorite podcasts, though only if their creators marked them as such on their channels,” Android Police notes. 

Google announced in February that it would be bringing podcasts to YouTube Music.




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