Food, Fashion Collide With Halo Top's PintPack

Ice cream is universally popular (everyone, famously, screams for it), but the tasty treat does have one downside: the same thing that makes it the perfect antidote to the summer heat means it’s not very portable.

Seeking to both address the issue and attract attention with a social-feed-ready activation for National Ice Cream Day (this past Sunday, July 16), ice cream brand Halo Top unveiled the PintPack. With a nod to the brand’s irreverent sense of humor, it presented the PintPack as a practical fashion accessory that lets you take your pint of Halo Top (or whatever else you want to bring with you) on the go. Shaped like a Halo Top pint, the PintPack even has a slot for spoon storage.

“At Halo Top, we believe that ice cream never goes out of style,” Halo Top Director of Marketing Ryan Roznowski told Marketing Daily, explaining that the activation brings the “light-hearted approach” of the brand to life. “The PintPack is a premium, stylish—dare-we-say sophisticated—bag to proclaim your love of ice cream loud and proud -- and we don’t see that falling out of fashion any time soon!”



Halo Top made the bags available for sale via a dedicated campaign website for National Ice Cream Day, charging $73.90 for the novelty accessory. According to Roznowski, the brand sold out of the 62 PintPacks it made available for sale in under a minute, while also seeing an “enthusiastic response” in earned media.

“At Halo Top, we’re always looking to help our fans find fun and exciting ways to enjoy ice cream, especially during summertime,” he said, referencing the release of new flavors such as Chocolate Ice Cream Cake and Fruit Pops Variety Packs, as well as another marketing stunt: its diamond encrusted Halo Top pint.

“This is our first time celebrating National Ice Cream Day in such a big way, giving fans a chance to enjoy their favorite ice cream and the summer season in style,” he added. “Given the enthusiastic response, you can expect to see more National Ice Cream Day celebrations from us in the future!”

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