Spotify Launches New 'Promo Cards' For Songwriters

Spotify is expanding its suite of promotional tools with “Songwriter Promo Cards” for songwriters who are trying to get discovered on the music streaming platform by potential collaborators and fans.

Songwriter Promo Cards are customizable graphics that musicians can create to promote themselves as songwriters on the app and highlight certain songs they have written.

To do so, artists search their name on the designated website,, and then select their profile and choose a background color and aspect ratio that matches their aesthetic. The promo card is linked directly to the songwriter’s Spotify page and can then be shared on social media.

Because the website does not require a login, anyone can make a promo card, allowing fans to share their favorite songwriters in new ways.

Spotify also stated that each Songwriter Page will begin featuring a “Written By” playlist that invites listeners to check out all the songs someone has written in one specific place.



Promo Cards were originally added to the platform in 2020 as a way for artists, podcasters and authors to better develop fan bases through social media marketing.

Songwriter Pages were also integrated into Spotify in 2020. Since then, the company says that it has seen users dive deeper into the creators behind their favorite songs.

“We've seen a significant increase in how often labels and distributors credit songwriters on their new releases,” Spotify wrote in a blog post in response to its addition of song credits in 2018.

“Labels, publishers, management companies, music supervisors, and artists at all levels of the industry tell us that they’re constantly scouring Spotify song credits,” the company added. “When songwriters are credited on a track, listeners can click songwriters’ names to view a page showcasing the songs they have written.”

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