Meet Mooky

Readers of The Economist rely on it to deliver an analysis of world markets twice a month. Subscribers to People trust the glossy to sum up celeb life once a week. Now a growing number of people would be hard-pressed to navigate the plethora of video on the Web without

It's described as a "digital video magazine for the iPod generation," and nearly 10,000 people downloaded the second issue of this bi-monthly offering, which launched in February, according to Mark Rock, managing director of Mooky's progenitor, Best Before Media. "About 50 percent of those downloads went directly to iTunes  that's how everyone's starting to get their content," Rock says. "They'll still go out and search from time to time, but mostly they'll trust a few editors like us to gather the kind of stuff they want."

What are viewers responding to? "One video called 'Snack Watch' has gotten a big response. People present a snack they get from the store and review it," Rock says. Like blogs before anyone knew what a blog was, Mooky is experimenting with ads from small online retailers. And in true Web form, viewers who enjoy a particular video can often find more of the same thanks to attached Web links.
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