'Conan' To Stream On Hulu

Now that NBC Universal and News Corp. have a name for their online site--Hulu--they need to decide which shows to stream on the new platform and which to keep on solely owned outlets.

NBC has started streaming episodes of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" on NBC.com. The move comes a day after the beta site for Hulu.com indicated it would offer the late-night talk/comedy show.

NBCU and News Corp. have both pledged an anywhere/everywhere strategy to distribute their content as widely as possible. But it's possible that to maximize their investment in Hulu.com, they'll have to offer shows there exclusively--and not duplicate distribution on NBC.com or News Corp.'s Fox.com and MySpace.

Content that could differentiate Hulu is full-length films, which the co-owners have pledged to offer. No indication of which titles yet. NBC said "Late Night" has beaten its own "Tonight Show" and competitors on CBS and ABC to become the first late-night series streamed online.

The episodes will be available by 3 a.m. EST after they air in linear fashion on the network.



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