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We Know Paid Links Get the Smackdown, But What About Reciprocal Links?

Webmasters still feeling the sting of Google's paid link PageRank smackdown may be wary of any link-building, sharing or juice-passing schemes, but one brave Ask Enquiro reader posed the question of whether reciprocal links were still OK, or rather, if they had "more weight than paid links?"

Jody Nimetz admits that this is a difficult question to answer, noting that while the focus was on paid links at the moment, a site with too many reciprocal links could still be penalized. When link building, "the goal should be to seek one way links, as these carry the most weight with the search engines," writes Nimetz.

If a site is seeking reciprocal links, Nimetz advises that they should come from relevant, authoritative sites that have a PageRank of at least 4.



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