Patrick Keane breaks it down 5 ways

Today advertisers want five basic measurable qualities in their agencies and the campaigns they run, according to Patrick Keane, chief marketing officer for CBS Interactive, who's talking about the way to maximize video ad spend:

1)Â Engagement -- rather than "vanilla impressions," they want long visits with lots of click activity

2)Â Cross-platform -- offerings that extend beyond online to other media like radio, outdoor, etc.

3) Flexibility and customization -- every advertiser wants that unique treatment with a solution built just for them (of course that's hard to scale, Keane concedes). That also means flexibility in terms of data and research. 4) Branding, including use of video -- still small, but growing. Keane promises to return to this later.

5) The "math and science of advertising" -- something Keane says he learned to value during his four and a half years at Google. Analytics serves a broad group of constituents, including programming execs.

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