Text-Messaging Tops With Mobile Users

  • July 3, 2008
Text-messaging is the most important feature for mobile users when buying a new handset, according to a new consumer study.

Nearly three quarters of cell phone subscribers surveyed by Amplitude Research on behalf of Access Systems Americas cited text-messaging as the most critical among a list of 19 mobile data services. Runner-up was a mobile camera, at 67%, followed by e-mail (63%) and Web access (61%).

Mobile video and music were also top choices at about 33%, respectively.

Almost 40% have added new applications to their phones, with 21% getting six or more apps. About 40% use their devices to track stocks and to get alerts about traffic, weather and news. Almost 30% do mobile banking and 16% make credit card or mortgage payments on the go.

Of the 70% not involved in mobile banking, more than half said they had no interest in do so in the future.

--Mark Walsh

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